What Does “Cheugy” Mean in Pokemon?

Pokemon is an anime which has turned into a game. Many fans are into getting as much information about it and are definitely curious about anything and everything about Pokemon. One of the most interesting and controversial topic that you would find in forms and message boards since early 2010s is the question, what does cheugy mean? This topic in fact has resulted into a lot of memes and theories. If you are a fan and are as curious as we are, you came to the right place. In this article, we shall answer this question and provide useful information which you would definitely find interesting.

What Does Cheugy Mean in Pokemon

In the Pokemon world and fandom, cheugy is a word used to describe that something is not cool or is out of style. In fact, it is considered as something that comes from a mix of cheesy and ugly. It is uncool and as time has passed, this word’s meaning has expanded in the Pokemon fandom. In fact, in Pokemon, it means something is outdated or overdone and awkward.

If you find yourself clinging to the outdated memes, ships, fan theories or headcanons, then, you would be considered as cheugy. Though this is the case, just like fashion, cheugy things could come back in style.

Now that you know the meaning of cheugy in Pokemon, you could stay up to date with the latest memes and fan theories. This way no one would tease you of being a cheugy.

How Cheugy Pokemon Became Popular

Pokemon like Pikachu, Charizard and Mewtwo were very popular especially in the games and shows. However, as times pass by, these Pokemon characters became a little cheugy.

Cheugy Pokemon are the characters in Pokemon who became super popular but suddenly became outdated and lame. For example, Jigglypuff, the round pink puffball became so popular and loved in the early seasons. However, now it just seem to be silly. Psyduck is another example. The confused blue duck was adored due to its dimwitted antics and today, it is just considered as cheesy.

Cheugy Pokemon became popular in the past due to them being cute or very gimmicky. This does not mean that they are good and very useful in battle. Examples or these are Ditto, purple blob or Magikarp who is a useless fish Pokemon which splashes around but cannot really attack.

Though cheugy Pokemon could be very cringy, they are still part of the early Pokemon games, shows and memes. They have contributed to the success of Pokemon.

Examples of Cheugy Pokemon in Franchise


Pikachu has made Pokemon known. In fact, it is considered as the mascot of Pokemon franchise. However, Pikachu is also considered as cheugy type of Pokemon. The electric yellow character has been seen as a cool Pokemon. Unfortunately, now, it is seen as outdated.


Charizard has been in Pokemon for quite sometime. It is a classic first generation Pokemon. Unfortunately, just like Pikachu, Charizard is also now a cheugy. Its design is silly and cliche with its small arms and tubby body. Though Charizard tries hard to be cool, it has ended up as cheugy.

Here are some cheugy Pokemon characters which was popular and yet became outdated.

  • Jigglypuff with the scribble-face and permanent marker.
  • Mr. Mime with its clown design
  • Psyduck with its confused expression
  • Diglett with single hair and mole-like protrusion

Though these Pokemon are considered as cheugy, they provide the feeling of nostalgia which makes you appreciate them. Through them, you would find how much Pokemon has evolved.

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