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What is a data center proxy and how do I get one

Have you ever been familiar with a datacenter proxy before? It’s a service that provides more reliable Internet access and a much better user experience. However, it’s not something that’s tied to a specific Internet service provider. Instead, they work by masking your real IP address and preserving your privacy during your online sessions. No one will be able to determine your address, and you can easily use the search engine.

These features are useful in various cases, such as accessing all the content or information that is blocked in a particular location by simply bypassing the restriction or finding a better Internet connection without delay.

Benefits of proxy servers for data centers

Now let’s take a closer look at what data center proxies have to offer users.

Useful for data collection

Earlier we saw how data center proxies work. As we mentioned earlier, data center proxies can help hide your IP so that no one, not even websites, can track your actual location. They work by masking the capture of the machine’s IP address and effectively hiding it. With this feature, no website will have any idea what your parser machine’s actual IP address is. Instead, they will see the address of the proxy machine.

However, if users want to open any websites from other countries without hiding their address, the proxy can help bypass restrictions.

Bypassing VPN bans

We’ve often been told that to access certain content from geographically restricted locations; anyone can use a VPN Service. But what if that particular location is restricted from using a VPN. Data center proxies are the answer.

Data center proxies also work using identity entanglement techniques. Although the method varies from one tool to another, the goal of hiding the use of any security software remains the same. It appears as if none of these services are being used.

These proxies have their own way of getting around VPN blocking software, and this is certainly important for people living in an area where VPN access is prohibited.

Let’s understand that several countries have banned the use of VPN services by restricting residents from accessing certain websites they want to visit. Users who can’t use a VPN can instead use data center proxies.

Bypassing IP-based restrictions

Companies usually choose to block a particular country or region for faster and much easier network traffic to their website. This geographic location restriction policy ensures that any incoming networks will be blocked at a certain time of circumstance. If a company wants to focus its market on Asia, there is a good chance that it will block traffic from other regions.

This blocking results in users from these restricted locations not being allowed to access the site. To overcome this problem, you can try using a data center proxy. IP-based restrictions usually work with web-based programs. The administrator can restrict this access so that only users from certain IP addresses can log in. This restriction will be useful if the administrator wants to restrict access only to a certain location, such as a workspace, and nowhere else.


In an era when technology is advancing so fast beyond our comprehension, data center proxies have become something you’ll see anywhere. When they work by masking your actual IP address, they don’t require or interfere with things like Internet connections or ISPs. In short, they are very self-sufficient. It makes the job of protecting yourself when accessing restricted websites much easier and simpler.

There are several characteristics of data center proxies that you need to know. They are cheap, can provide faster connection speeds (ideal for large-scale web parsing), are suitable for many users, allow users to access restricted content, allow users to open any website and bypass VPN blockers.

How they work

Think of a data center proxy as an intermediary between you and a website. It acts by sending your request to the Web site you want to visit and getting the content you want.

In some other cases, the proxy may already have the information you need to access in its database, and you can access it directly without connecting to a particular site. This will make the download process much faster than before.

How to get a data center proxy

Are you interested in having one? Usually the way to get data centers is to contact cloud service providers, and you better pick the best on the market, such as Google Cloud, AWS or OVH.

Pros and cons of data center proxies


  • Speed and performance: Many websites and businesses use these types of proxies because they are part of huge data centers. Data center proxies are faster and more reliable than other types of proxies because of their static nature.
  • Availability It is fairly easy to find data center proxies because there are many. The company that best meets your needs is among the countless companies that sell them.
  • Price: Data center proxies are also some of the cheapest. Resident and mobile proxies typically charge per GB, while data center proxy providers typically charge per IP address. Low prices for data center proxies make them affordable and convenient, as you can find companies that charge as little as $1 (or less) per IP address. Often you can’t buy less than ten IP addresses.


  • Easier to detect this other proxy: In addition to their performance-enhancing capabilities, data center proxies also make them easier to detect because of their static nature. These services are not suitable for some activities because they can detect data center IP addresses very quickly. It is important to note that most websites will not actually take action against those using data center IP addresses, but may do so in certain cases.
  • It’s easier to blacklist: Websites that sell tickets and sneakers warn about data center proxies. Some of these sites blacklist proxy servers, and they usually start with data center IP addresses because they are the easiest to trace. By choosing a vendor that has multiple data centers, you can get around this to some extent.

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