What is Finsta and Rinsta and Why Do Teens Have These?

There are so many apps that have been developed that it is difficult for one to catch up with every single app that there is. In fact, there are so many apps out there that surely there is an app for everything and for every single thing.

For sure, if you are a parent, you must not have heard of the app named Finsta or Rinsta as this type of app is surely something that your teenagers would have but would not want you to know about.

What is Finsta and Rinsta?

Finsta or Finstagram, Rinsta or Rinstagram are made of conjunctions coming from the words – Real and Instagram and when combined, you get Rinstagram. Finsta on the other hand have the conjunctions of fake Instagram.

Instagram Is a Social Status

Instagram is one of the social medias that most teenagers use and love. In fact, it has already become an integral part of lives and is taking Instagram as part of their social lives. It has become a source to show and determine their social status. This means that everything they upload must be perfect and each and every video or photo must be amazing. This way they would gain more followers and likes. The more they have, the more they would be considered as popular. Yes, that is right, the number of followers and likes equate to how popular you are. Hence, it is important to just not simply snap and upload. Multiple pics are even snapped in different angles, however, only one that is the best that would be posted. There are even some pics that are edited and enhanced. Instagram even offers filters too but this is not sufficient. In fact, teenagers would even spend on editing apps.

Why Do Teens Have Finsta and Rinsta?

Maintaining an image is very stressful and puts a lot of pressure which is why Finsta came into the picture. Finsta, as mentioned earlier, is a fake Instagram account. It is a platform where the teenagers could just be themselves and just post whatever they want and would not have to worry about anything.

Fake Instagram accounts are accounts that only close and best friends know. They are always set to private which means not everyone could access your gallery. With this account, you could be yourself. You do not have to look your best nor edit your picture. You could be ugly, weird, funny or any type of photo you would like to post. With Finsta, you would not need to feel any stress and pressure in maintaining a status or image.

Maintaining Multiple Accounts

If you have multiple Instagram accounts, this means you will have to maintain them. Do not worry as it is simple. Instagram app allows you to be able to log into one account at a time. Hence, you would be forced to log out from your Rinsta or real Instagram account and log into your Finsta. Though, to some, this could be confusing, this process would soon change as it has been reported that Instagram would soon allow its users to log into multiple accounts like Twitter.


We hope that through this article, we were able to provide you useful information which you could use as a guide and have as an additional learning.

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