What Is Meta App Manager and How To Delete It?

Meta is a poplar brand that is associated with Facebook. In fact, the Meta app manager is part of Facebook app on Android. Its data actually could be found on your Google activity log. This app comes with a package name of com.facebook.appmanager. Its main purpose is to help Facebook to run its services smoothly.

What Is Facebook App Manager?

As mentioned earlier the MetaApp manager is an app which is installed on android device which is responsible to help Facebook app. In other words, it is an app that manages and updates Facebook related services including Instagram and Messenger.

Though you will not find this app as a stand-alone Facebook Manager app on the App drawer, you will be able to find it running on your Google my activity tab.

  • Name: Facebook App Manager
  • Package Name: com.facebook.appmanager
  • Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

What is com.Meta.appmanager?

The is a package name for Facebook App Manager app on Android devices. It is an app which is related to Facebook which includes Instagram and Messenger.

You will be able to find the com.Meta.appmanager on your Android device by going to settings and then selecting apps and then tapping on the system app section.

What is Facebook App Manager Used For?

Facebook app uses different service agent apps such as the Facebook App Manager which main purpose is to update and manage Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. You will also find in your app drawer’s app section other apps such as the Facebook App Installer, Facebook Services and Facebook Katana.

The is very important. Without it, your Facebook, Messenger and Instagram apps will not be updated which means at a certain point, they will compromise functions. In other words, for you to have a great experience using the Facebook app, you will need to have a Facebook App Manager.

What Permissions Does Facebook App Manager Have?

It is well-known and a common knowledge that Facebook has several permissions on devices. Though this is the case, the good news is that Facebook App Manager app does not have any critical permissions on the device. In face, it does not have any specific permissions but rather it only needs mobile data access permission for it to be able to keep the Facebook app up to date.

If you wish to check permissions of Facebook app manager, all you have to do is go to settings. Select apps and then select system apps. Go to Facebook app manager and tap the permission tab.

Do Android phones really need the Facebook App Manager?

Android phones do not really need on third party apps or services. It does not see the Facebook App Manager as an essential app. However, it definitely affects user experience in terms of updates of Facebook.

Is the Facebook app manager a virus?

The Facebook app manager is not a virus nor a malware. It is not a spyware either. This app, in fact, is developed by Samsung Electronics which makes it definitely completely safe.

Common Issues Associated with the Facebook App Manager

Unfortunately com.facebook.appmanager has stopped

When you com.facebook.appmanager stops working, you would be notified through an error message popup stating, ” Unfortunately com.facebook.appmanager has stopped” or you could also get an error message of com.facebook.appmanager has stopped working.” Do not worry as this is a common error for Android. There are several reasons as to why you could be experiencing this error and they could be due to corrupted app or it could also be that your cache data is triggering the error.

Corrupt Cache Files

Having cache data/files could help your app run without any problems. It ensures that you would not experience any lags. However, there could be instances when your cache could overload which could lead to malfunction and for your Facebook Manager to crash and give you an error of unfortunately com.facebook.appmanager has stopped.

Not Enough Storage/RAM

Another reason as to why your app could stop all of a sudden is due to not enough free memory. The reason behind this is because of low RAM.

Corrupt Facebook App Manager APK

Having a corrupt Facebook App Manager could be a cause of an error which could lead to the app crashing and stopping.

How to Fix Meta App Manager Not Working

Clear Meta App Manager Cache and Data

  • Navigate to Settings on Android and select it
  • Open App manager or Apps
  • Select Show System files on the three vertical dots icon found on the upper right corner.
  • Search Facebook App Manager on the list
  • Tap it to open
  • Select Storage
  • Select Clear Cache
  • Select Clear Data

Clear Facebook App Cache

  • Select Settings
  • Select App drawer
  • Tap Apps
  • Select Facebook App
  • Select Storage
  • Select storage and cache details
  • Select clear cache

Force Stop Facebook App Manager

  • Go to Settings of your Android device
  • Select App manager or apps
  • Select Show System Files found on the three vertical dots icon found on the upper right corner
  • Search for Facebook App Manager on the list
  • Select Facebook App Manager
  • Select Force Stop

Uninstall Facebook and Reinstall It

  • Tap and hold the Facebook app
  • Select uninstall option
  • Once the app is uninstalled, reinstall the app

Factory Reset Your Device

  • Turn off your Android
  • Press and Hold power+volume down button simultaneously
  • Release the power button as soon as you see the Logo on the screen
  • Once you are in the Recovery mode, select wipe data/factory reset

Could com.facebook.appmanager cause battery drain?

This app runs in the background to ensure that your Facebook is up to date which means it would need to use resources such as mobile data, location, etc. Though this is the case, it does not drain your battery.

How to Disable com.facebook.appmanager?

  • Go to settings of your Android
  • Select app manager or apps
  • Select Show System files found on the ellipsis icon found on the upper right corner
  • Search for Facebook App Manager on the list
  • Select Disable

How to Uninstall Facebook app Manager on Android?

Using ADB

  • Go to Settings> System> About phone
  • Tap on build number 7 times. This will activate the developer options
  • Go back to the main settings menu
  • Tap Developer options to open it
  • Enable USB debugging
  • Download ADB on your PC
  • Extract Zip file
  • Once you have extracted the zip file, open the folder
  • Press and hold the shift button
  • Right click on a blank area
  • Click on Open Powershell window here
  • Enter the command, adb devices.
  • Connect your device to PC through the use of a USB data cable
  • Set your USB to File transfer mode
  • You will get a USB debugging notification on your phone and tap OK to allow debugging access
  • Re-enter the command, adb devices
  • You will see the serial number of your device on your Powershell window
  • Run command adb shell pm uninstall-user 0 com.facebook.appmanager
  • Wait for a few seconds and the app will be uninstalled

Using System App Remover

  • Download and install System App Remover application
  • Launch the application
  • Search Facebook app manager
  • Select the app
  • Tap uninstall button

Is It Safe to Disable or Uninstall Facebook App Manager?

It is safe to uninstall your Facebook app Manager as it would not affect the normal operation and function of your device. However, it could cause some errors on your Facebook apps including Instagram and Messenger.

What happens if I disable the Facebook app manager?

The outs of the box functionalities could be reduced. Hence, you would need to update your apps through playstore which means, if you disable your Facebook app manager, you would not to worry as nothing much would happen.

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