What is the Difference Between H7 and 94R Battery

Purchasing and choosing the right car battery could be frustrating and difficult task. You will have to take extra care in choosing as getting the wrong one could lead to regret for a long time. It could also be confusing as there are numerous car batteries in the market but do not worry as through this article, we shall feature two of the best well-known batteries, H7 and 94R batteries.

Car batteries are one of the most important parts of a vehicle as you need it to be able to start your vehicle. Having a car battery that is not working could lead to you being stuck somewhere. Hence, it is very important and essential to choose the best one.

What is the Difference Between H7 and 94R Battery

What is an h7 battery?

H7 battery is a type of lead acid battery which is used for automobiles. Though it comes in a single form, it has the ability to work on different types of vehicles. It easily could be installed and it comes a replacement warranty.

What is a 94r battery?

94r battery is used for passenger type of vehicles such as light and medium commercial vehicles. It is a high performance type of battery and it has the ability to control vehicle functions at a higher speed.

Comparison Between h7 Battery and 94r Battery

Cold Cranking Amps

This pertains to the maximum current which your battery could provide. The h7 battery could provide up to 750 amps which as mentioned earlier, could be ideal for light passenger automobiles. However, if you wish to use it for commercial automobiles, this battery’s cold cranking amps would not be sufficient.

94r battery on the other hand could deliver 620 to 920 amps which means, this type of battery could be used for commercial passenger vehicles. It comes with high amperage which makes it very versatile. Thus, 94r battery has better advantage when it comes to cold cranking amps.


h7 is the battery type that most private vehicle/automobile manufacturers use. This includes BMW, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and many more. In fact, you would rarely see h7 battery being used on a commercial vehicle.

94r battery on the other hand is very popular compared to other batteries. It could be used not only for commercial vehicles but also for passenger vehicles. Due to its versatility, this battery has become more popular and more widely used. Hence, when it comes to compatibility the 94r is better than the h7.


As everyone would have notice cars have limited space especially when it comes to its battery. The slot for it is unfortunately fixed and not adjustable. Hence, before purchasing a battery, you must ensure that you check the size of the battery and the slot your vehicle has.

The average size of h7 battery is about 7.5″ x 12.5″ x 7″. The 94r battery on the other hand is 7.5″ x 7″ x 12.5″ which makes it no different when it comes to size. This means, you could replace one battery with the other.

Reverse Capacity

This pertains to the reserve power of battery which means it is the amount of time which it could provide 25 A current at a maximum possible voltage. Battery’s reserve power is often times greater which shows how much additional load it could handle.

h7 battery has 125 to 135 minute reserve time while 94r battery has 135 minute reserve time.


H7 is about 51 pounds while 94r battery is about 57 pounds which makes the h7 battery lighter when it comes to weight however, the current rating of 94r battery is higher than h7. Hence, when it comes to weight, we would recommend 94r as its higher current makes it ideal for frequent use.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Right Battery for Your Vehicle

Position of Terminals

Polarity would depend on the location of positive terminal. If your battery’s positive terminal gets in contact with your car’s metal shell, there is a possibility that you could experience some shorting. Hence, one of the factors you must consider before purchasing your vehicle’s battery is the position of your positive terminal.


There are two types of maintenance – low maintenance and maintenance free. If you get a battery with liquid electrolyte in a maintenance free car battery. This would be sealed which means it could operate for its entire battery life. Low maintenance on the other hand would have caps which could be unsealed for you to put additional distilled water regularly.

Power Requirement

Cold Cranking Amps or CCA and CA are often times interchangeable. It is the amount of energy which is need for you to be able to start your car at 32 degrees. CCA is needed for cold climate which means the higher the CCA the better.


Of course, this is another important factor. Check how long the warranty your battery is under. The longer, the better.

Battery Freshness

The code of the battery shows the freshness of the battery. The letter would indicate the month and the number indicates the year. For example C5 would mean March 2015.

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