WhatsApp Introduces a Document Sharing Feature

WhatsApp has just added a new feature that allows users to share documents. The new feature is available on both Android and iOs device. If you are Android users, just tap the paperclip icon for attachment, a ‘Document’ button will appear. For iOS users, tap on the upload icon, an option to ‘Share Document’ will appear. Since this is, a new feature WhatsApp has merged the photo and video sharing option into one on the camera option so that it can room for it.

The company has yet to make an official announcement, but many WhatsApp users who are using the latest updates are reporting it. These are Android users with version 2.12.453 and iOS users with version 2.12.4. The new updates for Android boast additional new features including over 100 new emojis, Marshmallow permission support and five other languages. IOS updates enable users to share videos and photos from file sharing services the likes of Google Drive, DropBox, and Microsoft’s One Drive and also choose different colours to dress their chat background. There is also pinch-to-zoom feature for videos.


For now the document, sharing feature is limited to PDF files only though the company will probably add other documents type soon. The new feature will be a significant upgrade especially for small business owners who get deeper access to WhatsApp’s API communication with suppliers and customers on the network

WhatsApp announced on January that it was going to start testing tools that allow business to chat with users on its network. It gave an example of asking an airline about a delayed flight. The new feature proves that they are working towards their promise. Users should note that documents shared on this platform are encrypted since WhatsApp began rolling out end-to-end encryption on its network from 2014. Extra privacy for chats is appealing to users and business partners though it is leading to increased complications with governments. An example is the arrest of a Senior Facebook Vice President for Latin America Diego Dzodan over a dispute over the release of unspecified WhatsApp data that is related to drug trafficking.

In 2016, WhatsApp has introduced changes to its messaging platform. It removed its annual fee for all countries, announced that they have hit the 1 billion users mark and also announced the withdraw support for older mobile platforms including Nokia S40 and Windows Phone 7.1 BlackBerry OS, Symbian S60, Android version 2.1 and 2.2 by the end of 2016.

Feature Image Credit: Android Police

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