WhatsApp Voice calling feature spotted by a user

It looks like WhatsApp is finally going to put the voice calling feature in its app to allow its users to make free calls just like Viber, Skype and Tango. The feature was first spotted by a user who posted a screenshot and a video of the new WhatsApp feature on Reddit, claiming that he got the new voice calling feature after he received the voice call from another friend who already had the feature.

This is not the first time that the new voice feature has been reported for WhatsApp. A few number of Android users previously reported that they had the new voice calling feature in their WhatsApp. This could mean that WhatsApp is taking serious steps towards expanding its feature set and attracting more users.

The voice calling feature, free, is already available on Skype and Viber etc. along with the chatting option. WhatsApp has lacked the former feature as it was originally introduced as a free text messaging app.

The user, who posted the screenshot and video on Reddit is from India which shows that India could be the first region where WhatsApp is keen on testing out the new voice calling feature. The screenshot showed new “Call” tab right next to the “Chat” tab and also inside the Contact screen besides the “Info” button.

As seen in the video, WhatsApp voice calling feature pretty much offers all the standard voice calling options like speakerphone, mute, conversation buttons. Right now, there is no word or confirmation from any of the official WhatsApp resources but it is expected that the feature will be available soon to everyone as its already in testing stage.

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