Which is Better: Sony XM4 vs XM5 Noise-Cancelling Headphone

Sony is a well-known brand which has already proven how much trust-worthy their products are and this includes both their XM4 vs XM5 and in this article, we would want to look deeper into these two noise cancelling headphones and compare both of them. In short, we will see which is better, Sony XM4 or Sony SM5.

Sony noise-cancelling headphones’ XM4 is a favorite of mosts. It has lived up to its name and brand. Now that Sony has introduced a new one, XM5 there are a lot of mixed reactions which could confusing which is the truth. Has it surpassed the reputation of XM4 in a good way? Read further and let us find out together.

Which Is Better Sony XM4 vs XM4 Noise Cancelling Headphone?


As for pricing, XM4 would definitely have a better price compared to the new XM5. XM4 you will be able to get it at £260 while the XM5 is retailed at £379 to £399. Though XM4 is much cheaper, we much go further and see if XM5 is a huge upgrade and is worth its higher price.

Design and Comfort

As you could have figured out, the XM4 is a brand new design and though it looks more modern, it looks a more outgoing version. Though it may seen that XM5 is bigger than XM4, do not get fooled by its look as the are almost identical. XM5 is a little bigger but then it is barely noticeable.

The huge difference is the weight as those who have used and tried XM4 would say, the XM4 are the heaviest over-ear headphones. The XM5 on the other hand is comically light.

The second difference is its noiseless design. XM5 does not creak, squeak nor when you twist them and extending arms are really smooth. XM4 however, has clicky extending arms and there are some concerns and complains that some users experience XM5.

Third difference is that XM5 does not fold. Though this does not bother most users but keep in mind that you will have a huge case that you will need to put your XM5.

As for comfortability, we could say we love XM4 better.

Controls and Battery Life

Both XM4 and XM5 have 30 hours battery life when noise cancelling is being in used. XM5 on the other hand has more 2 hours than XM4 when the noise cancellation feature is turned off. As we could say, when it comes to battery life, you cannot complain with having 30 hours.

What is more amazing is that XM5 has a standby time just like XM4s which would barely affect your battery.

As for controls, they are identical and the only difference is that they have renamed the custom button of XM4s to NC/Ambient on XM5s. XM5s have touch sensitive controls which has remained from XM4.


Another important factor is the case as this is what protects your headphones. Unfortunately, one of the most controversial element of XM5s is this factor. The reason behind this is due to the headphones cannot be folded which affects hugely the case.

XM5 is wider, taller and thicker compared to XM4. Though Sony has attempted to counteract this but with XM5 not being able to fold it is difficult to counteract it for XM5.


XM4s truly leads the industry when it comes to noise-canceling feature which means, XM5s has a lot to prove when it comes to this feature and the good news is Sony was able to manage to make the noise-cancelling feature of XM5 better. Its sound does not leak and it dampens everything across the entire frequency range. Its ambient mode is great on both sets of headphones.

Sound Quality

Another factor that Sony is good at is sound quality and XM4s’ sound quality is amazing and upon testing both sets, the XM4s are mid-range while the XM5s sound a bit more boxy. Both headsets could cope with huge sub kick drum of sounds and tracks.

Calling Quality

The call quality for making calls is another important factor, however, there are a lot of comments from users that the call quality of XM4s is not that great. The great news is they were able to upgrade and fix this through the XM5s.

Additional Features

When it comes to additional features, both the XM5 and XM4 are equal. They both have auto-pause and resume when you remove them from head and place back on. They also have smart assistance integration with smart assistants like Alexa. Moreover you could connect both to Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

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