Whoop vs Apple Watch: Which Is Better?

Smart watches have become popular and widely used all over the world. The reason behind this is because it helps us in our daily lives and activities. Two very famous and highly reliable brands for smart watches are Whoop and Apple. These two brands have ensured advanced technology and ensured that their smart watches are highly fashionable and fabulously wearables.

With these watches being fashionable and at the same time advanced technological functional, you must be confused on which you should get – a Whoop strap or an Apple watch?

In this article, we shall feature both Whoop and Apple and compare them through different categories such as features, similarities and differences.

Whoop Straps

Whoop Strap, a high-tech fitness wearable which ensures in helping you with overall health performance, was launched in 2015 by its founder, Ahmed. Ahmed is a Harvard graduate which has brought this amazing watch into the industry. Its first impression by many is it seem to lack buttons which might seem like a normal wrist strap with fitness features. Though that is the case, this strap is actually a high technological device which tracks your physical and mental health.

It has the ability to measure your heartbeat, electro-dermal activity and temperature. This watch could be worn during workout and even during office hours. It also helps in recovery and sleep as well.

Features of Whoop straps

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with friendly interface
  • Sweat absorbing filaments
  • Has three LED lights which shows battery percentage
  • Has the ability to connect with your device through Bluetooth
  • Could monitor sleep
  • Provides personalized activities
  • Measures heart’s beat and function
  • Weekly and monthly general health assessments
  • Features companion app
  • Integrates easily with Strava
  • Battery could last for five days
  • Light
  • Comfortable

Apple Watch

Apple is a very popular brand when it comes to technology. It has provided numerous gadgets which have been enjoyed by many. This includes their smartwatch which allows you to make and receive calls, send text messages and surf the internet. This device is perfect not only for adults but also for elderly and young.

Features of Apple Watches

  • Could show time
  • Makes and receives calls
  • Supports Siri
  • Receives text messages
  • Displays tickets and boarding passes
  • Tacks fitness activity
  • Monitors heart rate
  • Tracks workouts
  • Detects fall
  • Tracks workouts
  • Provides ECG readings (4,5, 6 series)
  • Tracks blood oxygen level for series 6

Whoop vs Apple Watch



As for thickness, both Whoop and Apple Watch are similar however, when it comes to the default band, Apple’s is made of silicone while whoop’s is made of elastic.

Apple comes with a regular snap on band which is easy to adjust according to the size of your wrist. Whoops on the other hand clasps for specific size. The have different designs and Apple has more optional colors.


Both watches have heart rate monitor. Apple has a touch screen display which acts as a clock or a small app device. It blacks out its screen and would come back to life once you have touched it.


There are many differences when it comes to functionality of Whoop straps and Apple watches. Whoop mostly focuses on in-depth health data while Apple focuses on communication and application devices.

Whoop could perform the following and Apple cannot

  • Daily Strain

This has the ability to let you exert yourself. It calculates how you are able to exert yourself during your workout routine.

  • Sleep Rate

Whoop is able to track the quality of your sleep. It has the ability to calculate your sleep rate.

  • Recovery

Whoop has the ability to gather all the data on strain, respiratory, sleep and heart rate. It gives personalized recovery score.

  • Health Questionnaire

Whoop would be asking you every after you wake up in the morning like how many glasses of water did you drink. What you ate before sleeping and the like.

Apple Watch has its own features too which Whoop does not have and they are the following:

  • Making and receiving calls

It has the ability to accept and decline calls even without your phone.

  • Texting

Just like your phone, you could get a notification that you have received a text message and provides you the option to view the message and choose to reply.

  • Find Phone Feature

If you misplace your phone, then this feature is very convenient. It make your phone ring out loud and locate it.

  • Alarm and Reminder

Like your phone it has the ability to alarm and allows you to put reminders which would notify you.

  • Mobile application usage

You could control your apple watch from its screen. While Whoop on the other hand could be controlled via its app on the device. Apple has a mobile application which allows you to change its settings and display.

Battery Life

Another huge difference between the two bands is its battery life. Apple could run for a day or a day and a half on a full charge. Whoop on the other hand could run up to four to five days on a full charge.


Apple Watch Series 6 is priced at a minimum of $399 upward. Whoops on the other hand could provide a subscription membership which would cost you at $30 per month if you go for 12 month or 18 month membership.

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