Why is my Paramount Plus not working on my TV -How to Fix

Are you experiencing some issues with Paramount Plus and do not know what to do? You came to the right place as through this article, we shall provide you useful information which you could use as a guide on how to deal with the issues that you are or might experience with your Paramount Plus.

One of the most common reasons as to why you would experience of Paramount Plus not working is due to incorrect and improper system settings and that your software is out-of-date. Other issues could arise due to firmware and driver upgrades. If you do not know how to deal with these situations, do not worry as through this article, you will definitely learn a lot to solve them.

Before we get into details, first and foremost, you would need the following:

  • Determine whether Paramount Plus is actually the one that has the problem. There are times when it is your television which has the problem.
  • Rule out the potential problems by disconnecting the Paramount Plus from your TV
  • Restart your television
  • Check if the problem still persist, it is not your Paramount Plus that has the problem.

Possible Solutions for Troubleshooting Issues with Paramount Plus

  • Check your power cable.
  • Ensure that the power cable is plugged into your TV and Paramount Plus
  • Dry different power outlet
  • Reboot your TV and Paramount Plus
  • Unplug your TV and plug it back again
  • Ensure that your TV is set to its correct setting
  • Ensure that paramount plus is connected to your TV
  • If you are are using HDMI cable, try a different one
  • Reinstall Paramount Plus software
  • Update Paramount Plus firmware

If you have tried everything and the problem still persists, we suggest that you get in touch wth your support team. Also ensure that you have the most up to date version of your Paramount plus software. To do this, just shut it down and reinstall it from scratch.

Paramount Plus Error Codes

There are other errors that you could encounter and now that we already know how to deal with the most common issue, let us now try to see other errors that you could also encounter.

Paramount plus Error Code 404

This code is another common error that Paramount plus streamers encounter. To fix this error, all you have to do is shut down and reopen your browser. If it still occurs, clear your cache.

Paramount plus Error Code 408

This is caused by DNS issue. This means, this could be solved by flushing your DNS cache. This could be done by opening your command prompt and type ipconfig/flushdns

Paramount plus Error Code 3004

With this error, you will have to restart your internet modem, then, relaunch your Paramount+ app.

Paramount plus Error Code 3200

This error is caused by playback error. This could appear on Smart TV, gaming consoles and Comcast devices. You will be able to solve this easily by restarting your device. You will be able to restart your device by unplugging your device for 30 seconds.

Paramount plus Error Code 3205

With this error, you could also solve it by restarting your device and relaunching your Paramount plus. Also ensure that you reboot your internet modem as well and check if your internet connection has been established.

Paramount plus Error Code 3301

This error is able fixable by restarting your device and rebooting your modem.

Paramount plus Error Code 3702

This means that you are having some troubles with your firewall. To fix this error, disable your firewall.

Paramount plus Error Code 4002

This error is due to network connectivity problem. Check you internet connection and you are good to go.

Paramount Plus Error Code 1001

This is due to Paramount Plus server. Restart your Paramount Plus to solve this issue.

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