3 Reasons Why The Gaming Industry Is Booming Now More Than Ever Before

Thanks to incredible technological advancements over the past quarter-century or so, it’s awfully simple to entertain yourself any time, and just about anywhere.

Because of devices like cell phones, tablets, iPads, laptops and smartwatches, you have limitless resources when it comes to recreational activities like gaming, sports betting and live TV streaming.

Gaming has emerged as one of the top recreational activities in countless places across the world over the past two decades — especially in the United States.

The gaming industry has grown so massive that Illinois sportsbook promos have to compete with Esports, virtual sports, console game titles and multiplayer games like Fortnite Battle Royale.

Let’s dive into three key reasons why the gaming industry is more popular now than ever before.


You simply don’t have to be inside a person’s house anymore to enjoy a form of video games. Not when you can play it on your phone or laptop (you’ll always need WiFi for laptops), or handheld video game consoles like Nintendo Switch OLED, Game Boys and Steam Deck.

You can be anywhere out and about in public, camping, inside a vehicle, on a bus, at a restaurant or a store and still enjoy things like sports betting and video games. That’s the beauty of today’s highly advanced handheld devices and internet connections.

Kids who grew up in the ‘90s and early-to-mid 2000s couldn’t play video games online with their friends. You always had to be somewhere — almost always at a friend’s house — to play video games together.

Sports betting wasn’t legal in most parts of the United States until May 2018, when the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA).

The PASPA went into law on Oct. 28, 1992. The state of Nevada (Las Vegas is “The Gambling Capital of the World”) was a notable exception from the act, but the PASPA barred sports gambling from taking part in most places of the county.

But five years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that the PASPA violated America’s Tenth Amendment. This allowed each state to legalize sports betting if they so desired, and to date, more than 30 states have launched a form of it (mobile/online and/or in-person).

Socializing & Networking

One of the nice things about gaming in today’s day and age is the socializing aspect.

You can go to a casino or another sportsbook location with your friends/family members and make a full day out of it. Of course, you can also easily meet new friends since they obviously share the same interests.

With Egaming events, you befriend people all over the world who also have that same immense passion for video games. If you enjoy playing popular video games online such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, Dota, League of Legends? 

Online video games allow you to communicate with your teammates and opponents through headsets. This is another way to socialize as you get to speak with others around the world. And if you’re enjoying conversations with certain players online,you can always add each other as friends and make communication for gaming that much easier.

The Recreational Aspect

Video gaming and sports betting provide different forms of recreation. It’s no wonder that millions around the world love investing plenty of time in these two industries.

Gaming is enjoyable for a variety of reasons. For starters, it can take your mind off the stressful moments in your day-to-day life, providing a much-needed therapeutic activity. 

If you had a long day at work, for example, few things might be more relaxing than going to a casino and placing a few wagers or entering a game of poker. Turning on a console and entering the world of video games (COD, sporting games, Mario, etc.) can also be a nice short-term distraction if you need some comforting time.

Another fun thing about sports betting? There’s always that excited-nervous factor. You get so into the game(s) that you bet on, and simply winning a bet can boost your morale and make your day that much better.

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