Will the Nintendo NX Combine Console And Handheld Gaming?

Nintendo has revolutionized the console gaming industry twice. They did it first when they single-handedly brought the industry back from the dead with the Nintendo Entertainment System. Then they did it again when they introduced motion control gaming with the Nintendo Wii.  The Wii was a success despite the fact that it was a technologically inferior machine to it’s competitors. Nintendo’s next console, the WiiU has struggled since day one. It’s been such a problem that despite the fact that it’s less than three years old, Nintendo is already hard at work on it’s next console code named the NX.  Now a new report says that the NX may combine the new console with Nintendo’s greatest strength, handheld gaming.

Kotaku has the review of a report in the Wall Street Journal (the original report requires a WSJ subscription) which is reporting that the NX will likely include at least one “mobile unit” that could be used with the main console but could also be taken on the road and used separately.

While this is the first we’ve heard of an actual handheld device being part of the system the report is far from surprising. Nintendo’s WiiU uses a touchscreen control as it’s primary interface and Nintendo has frequently found ways to connect its numerous GameBoy and DS handheld systems to its consoles.

The report also states that software development kits are starting to be sent out this month.

The WiiU has not been successful and the DS, which has seen incremental improvements in recent years is probably due for a complete redesign as well. If Nintendo is looking to replace both devices, doing so as one complete system is not a bad way to do it.

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