Windows 10 Preview version for smartphones will only make it to some devices

According to a latest tweet by Joe Belfiore, vice president of Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group, Windows 10 Preview will only reach a subset of phones in the start. According to him, some devices will not get all the features of the Windows 10 depending on the RAM availability on the devices as a lot of Windows devices only have 512MB of RAM.

Joe Belfiore tweeted quite a few times about the upcoming Windows 10 Technical Preview for Windows smartphones. In his first tweet on Sunday, he said that the team is working on #Win10 for 512MB including Lumia 520. But these devices will have a Windows 10 version with different or less features. Several Lumia devices only come with 512MB of RAM and a lot of Windows smartphone users have complained that certain apps and features won’t run on their devices due to limited amount of RAM available.

In his final tweet on Sunday, Joe Belfiore pointed out that the first Windows 10 build for phones will come out in February but they need to go through internal testing first before releasing it. Microsoft always try to eliminate the bugs and errors as much as possible before the release of any of its product or software.

Windows 10 Technical Preview is already available for PC and tablets users and it has gotten a lot of positive feedback from the community especially the PC version of the Windows 10. Microsoft’s ultimate goal for Windows 10 is to provide a single platform across PC, tablet and smartphone in a way that attracts people who use all three types of these devices.

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