Windows 10 to have a dedicated notifications center

Microsoft has decided to replace the Action center in Windows 8.1 with the new notifications center in the upcoming Windows 10. The Windows 10 notifications will be visible from the apps and will be available even on the Windows Phone (if a user owns one).

The new notifications center, which can be accessed via a small taskbar button located right next to the clock, opens up a sidebar at the right side of the desktop which shows all the notifications from apps installed or running on the system. It’s a new system implemented by Microsoft under the new “Windows everywhere” slogan which means that these notifications will work across different Windows platforms and be called as a universal notifications center.

The new notifications center has two main things. One is the large white area for notifications and then other is the button bar at the bottom of it. The white area will show notifications from various apps including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram etc. and will also show you notifications from phone specific apps like alarms, or countdown or calendar markings etc.

Dismissing a notification is pretty fun and can be done in three different ways. The first way is to click on the ‘Clear All’ button, the second way is to move the mouse pointer over the app name and click on the ‘X’ icon. The last way to dismiss a notification is to individually dismiss the notifications by moving the mouse over them and clicking the ‘X’ icon right next to them.

The buttons bar at the bottom of the notifications center consists of four buttons: Tablet mode, Display, Connect, All Settings. There is also an Expand option which opens a new window from which you can choose all the quick actions and replace them from the ones that are already displayed in the buttons bar.

There is a lot more that the notifications center has to offer and it’s a great move from Microsoft to revamp the old Actions center and also add the cross platform support for notifications. This way, users can stay updated regularly on all devices.

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