Windows 10 will support the 8K resolution

During the WinHEC conference that was held last week, software giant Microsoft had revealed the minimum and maximum resolutions that the company’s upcoming operating system, Windows 10 would be able to support. According to the details, Windows 10 will provide 4K support for 6 inch+ phones and tablets screens. 8 inch+ plus tablets and computers will also be able to support the aforementioned resolution. However,the 8K resolution (7680 by 4320) will only be supported by 27 inch and higher monitors.

According to researchers from NHK, 8K is believed to be the television format limit that can be recognized by the human eye. Having stated that, it can be assumed that the prodigious resolution is going to be incorporated in to products for a very long time since anything higher will be ridiculously expensive and will be considered highly impractical.

After Microsoft had launched its Windows 8 operating system, the platform was criticized due to its poor support for 4K UHD resolutions. The company will be looking to ameliorate the situation in its upcoming operating system, which will no doubt be beneficial to a myriad number of users.One of the biggest perks of the 8K resolution will be the ability to play PC gaming titles. While current generation graphic processors are unable to provide suitable frame rates on the 4K resolution, improved GPU architecture that stack additional video RAM with a higher bandwidth will be able to make this possible.

Currently, the 8K resolution appears to be an overkill feature of televisions and monitors. 4K has yet to gain the level of popularity that 1080 and 1440p resolution products have created for consumers and in order to come prepared, Microsoft has prepped Windows 10 to be optimal for 4K. Additionally, the platform will also support the 4K video codec HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), which is also called with H.265.

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