Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional Review

Data loss can happen at any time and its consequences can be devastating, not only for companies but also for home users. Important documents, family photos and other files can disappear in the blink of an eye, due to accidental deletion, system error and other causes. However, with the right tools, you can be prepared in any case and avoid losing your valuable data. Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Professional is one of the best solutions available to get back your files. Thanks to the extensive experience of the manufacturer and the high quality of the product, you won’t need to worry about losing your data. The software offers powerful functionality and it is designed to help you to retrieve your files without complications.


Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Pro has an interface that is well-designed and easy to use. Even if you don’t have previous experience with recovery software, you will be able to use Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Pro smoothly. The program works on Windows XP and above, and there is also a version for Mac available. It offers solid performance, precision and simplicity, allowing you to recover valuable files from any kind of storage media. Regardless of what caused the loss of data, Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Professional will help you to get back your files. This reliable tool will be your best ally to avoid issues caused by losing your data due to accidental deletion, disk corruption and other scenarios.

With Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Professional you can retrieve deleted files and lost data including folders, photos and videos, no matter what caused the issue. The application is effective, even in cases where the drive has been significantly damaged. It is possible to recover files from hard drives, USB drives, SD card, CDs or DVDs. If you lost or cant’t access hard drive partitions, you can also rely on Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery. The application allows you to search for lost files in specific folders and it does a great job at recovering your photos, documents, songs and other data.

Stellar Phoenix Data recovery Pro is capable of recovering data from FAT, ExFAT and NFTS drives and partitions. The advanced searching options will allow you to locate missing partitions as the application scans the hard drive selected to find the partition. When you opt for a Quick scan, you can get a preview of all the recoverable files available. You will see a list of of all the partitions found once the scan has been completed. If you are still unable to find the data you need after performing a Quick scan, a Deep scan would be the best choice as it involves an extensive search. While it takes longer, it ensures that all the files are checked and it lets you recover any data. You can add your own file type to a search and change file headers to the set list for more accurate and detailed results.

If you are specifically looking for media files, you can adjust the scan to make sure that it focuses on photos, videos and music. This will allow you to find the data faster on your storage devices such as external hard drives and memory cards. Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery even lets you to get data back from DVDs or CDs that have been damaged or corrupted. You can restore the files with their original names and folders structure. In addition, you can retrieve files from USB drives, hard drives and email clients. Once the scan is completed, you get a preview of all the files and you can click on any of them.

If you are dealing with a system that doesn’t boot while you are trying to recover data, there is no need to worry because Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery works even in this case. The software features a bootable disc that gives you the chance to access the system so that you can run the tool and recover all your files. The tool is also designed to help you to get your data back from disk images that were previously created. It is also possible to set up a disk image of any drive, partition or volume. Overall, Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Pro offers the functionality needed to make sure that you can recover your files. It is a flexible solution that suits different requirements.

Why should you opt for Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Pro?

The clear interface, along with the powerful functionality make Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Pro a top choice when it comes to data recovery. The software takes you through every step of the process and you can easily find and manage all the options available. It is ideal for beginners, but also a great selection of features that will appeal to experienced users. The scanning and recovery process can take some time, but in the end, you are able to get pretty much any file that was deleted or lost. Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Pro is effective and simple.

Customer Support

Apart from the high quality of the software, Stellar Phoenix is committed to providing excellent customer support. The service is reliable and efficient and you can find a great selection of resources that will help you to solve any query and get the most out of Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Pro. The website features a detailed knowledge base, a useful FAQ and information that will come very handy for users. If needed, you can also contact the support team via email, live chat or phone. The variety of options available to reach out to the support team and their professionalism are other factors that make Stellar Phoenix one of the best solutions in the industry. Even if you can’t recover all your files, you have the option of sending your drive and let the company’s experts get your data back in their facilities.


With Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Professional, you will be able to overcome the challenge of losing your files. The software allows you to recover data from different sources. The user-friendly interface and the advanced features supported make Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Professional a comprehensive solution to search and recover your missing files. Even in the most complicated scenarios, Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Professional is able to help you to get back your documents, photos, videos and more.

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