Best Wireless Weather Stations

Monitoring the weather day to day is an important task for everyone as it affects one’s daily activities. There are many ways to monitor the weather. Some of them are through the news, through observing the clouds or feeling of the wind or air. However, if you wish to have more concrete information, it is suggested to use wireless weather stations.

Nowadays, homes and offices use wireless weather stations as they find it reliable and effective in monitoring and checking the weather. Here is the list of the best wireless weather stations:

1. La Crosse Technology

The La Crosse Technology is a digital thermometer which includes a clock and a wireless remote. This device could transmit data up to a maximum of 330 feet and collects high and low temperature data daily. Its readings provide Celsius and Fahrenheit conversions and is displayed in large digits. Though this device’s sensor is sold separately, the La Crosse is still considered less expensive compared to others.

2. AcuRite 02064MA1 Pro Weather Station

Comes with a sensor that could conduct up to five readings, the AcuRite also offers easy and remote access through your PC or mobile phone aside from its display on its device. You could also browse or view their accurate readings through their website. The AcuRite is run by either electricity or batteries. The only downside is its unit is a bit expensive.

3. AcuRite 01078M Pro Color Weather Station

The 01078M Pro Color comes with dual digital displays which could be adjusted by dimmers for easy read. This device could measure temperature, wind direction, rain, humidity and speed. It is also easy to set up and is run electronically and/or by batteries.

Just like its other weather station devices, this model could be a little bit too expensive.

4. Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue Station

6250 Vantage Vue Station provides readings and results of weather conditions such as pressure, temperature, wind speed, wind direction, humidity and drew point. Its readings could easily be viewed through its LCD. Its LCD shows forecast icons, graphs and it also has alarms. This device is sturdy, durable and efficient and reliable. However, mounting pole is sold separately and this device is a bit expensive too.

5. AcuRite 02027A1 Color Weather Station

02027A1 comes with a clock which updates and adjusts during Daylight Savings and also provides accurate weather results. It could be used indoors and outdoors as well and what’s more amazing is it is sold at a low price. The only downside is it has a maximum wireless range of 100 meters only.

6. AcuRite 02007 Digital Weather Center

This device could be used both indoor and outdoor. It gives readings for temperature and humidity. It also calibrates itself for accurate results. This device is easy to install and its signal is great so as for performance, this device has our thumbs up.

7. La Crosse Technology 308-1414B Wireless Atomic Digital Color Forecast Station

308-1414B could calibrate and adjust its settings which provides an accurate reading results such as time and date. It gives easy to ready and interpret weather icons which could be easily understood even by children. It could also be used both indoors and outdoors. It is run by batteries and it also gives alerts to its users.

8. AcuRite 00589 Pro Color Weather Station

This device is easy to set up and easy to use. It is also easy to read. Aside from providing humidity, temperature and wind speed readings, the 00589 Pro Color weather station also provides user history and gives the trends of the last 12 hours. It also keeps records on a daily and a monthly basis. This device is run by electronically and/or by batteries.

9. La Crosse Technology WS-9133BK-IT Wireless Forecast Station

The WS-9133BK-IT is one of the most affordable weather station devices. It could be used both indoor and outdoor. It also comes with a clock which has alarm and snooze functions. This device is run by batteries. The La Crosse Technology WS-9133BK-IT provides data on temperature, weather forecast and barometric pressure. The downside though, is that this device has about 75% accuracy only.

10. Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphones

The Netatmo provides temperature and humidity data. It also comes with real time alerts and shows a graph on its history readings. This device is used with smart phones for its readings.

With all the wireless weather stations featured in this article, we hope we had help you choose one that would suit your needs in terms of device, features and functions.

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