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Best Word Cloud Makers to Create the Perfect Word College Online

What is a word cloud?

A word cloud (or tag cloud as it is also known) is simply a collection of many words that are arranged randomly vertically or horizontally. In general, they are used to present keywords or tags on a website, but you may also see word clouds in presentations or even t-shirts. A word cloud adds a unique touch, no matter how it is used. In most cases the words are arranged in a random way, but sometimes the words are given different colors to separate one type from another. Different sizes may be used to highlight important words from the rest. There are simple word clouds, colorful ones, as well as word clouds that are placed together to form a specific shape such as a logo.

How to make a Word Cloud?

You can use programs like Photoshop or Ms.Paint to create Word clouds, but this can take a lot of time and it may not always be efficient. You could spend a full day trying to create a word cloud and even then, the result may not be the best. While Photoshop supports a wide selection of effects, it is not the most simple solution. If you want to create word clouds in an easy and fast way, the best option would be to use a word cloud maker. Here are the options that you can consider.



This is another convenient option to create word clouds. You can design unique word clouds from websites, Twitter profiles, news articles and more. It is possible to paste text in the tag cloud and apart from the default fonts, you can use options from FontsSpace, DaFont and Font Squirrel. This word cloud maker works on your browser and it requires Microsoft Silverlight to offer seamless performance. You can customize the font, the color, the theme, the orientation, shape and more. It is possible to create different options and view them as thumbnails. Just select the option that you prefer and keep on working on it. There are pre-loaded shapes that can be used to get a shaped word cloud. If you have an image, you can use it as a shape as well. After your design is ready, you can save it as an image or order it on a t-shirt, mousepad, mug or any other item.


This is a simple solution that allows you to create word clouds using the fragments of text that you want. Wordle highlights words that appear more than others and it is possible to use different fonts, layouts and colors to customize your word cloud. It requires Java to work, so make sure that you have the latest version of Java running on your device. It is possible to paste the words that you wish to include or paste a URL so that Wordle picks the most used tags on its own. It is possible to configure every aspect of the tag cloud, including language, layout, color scheme or font.


Wordaizer works in a similar way as Wordle, but it gives you more freedom to create word clouds that really stand out. You can select the color, font, shape and size and come up with truly special designs. With Wordaizer, it is possible to create really large word clouds and the result can be saved or printed. It is even possible to create animated clouds. It is a practical free program that will enable you to create amazing word art.


This online creator lets you effortlessly design word clouds with unique style. You can obtain high quality results in just a short while and you don’t have to have any special skills or experience. Just register on the website and create amazing word art that suits your own preferences. Thanks to the customization options, the ease of use and the fun features, you can experiment and enjoy creating word clouds that reflect your personality. It is possible to have words inside words, add rollover effects and much more. There are items with word art images that have been previously created, or you can come up with your own.


TagCrowd enables you to create word clouds without hassle and using any text. It is possible to type the words or paste the text. You can also upload a text file or list a URL. The words are automatically visualized by the word cloud creator and you can select the settings that you prefer while designing a word cloud. For instance, you can choose a maximum number of words to be used in the cloud, or hide specific words or words that don’t appear frequently in the text. While the interface is quite plain, overall TagCrowd works well.


ABCya is focused on offering word clouds for kids. It is a practical educational resource that features games and activities for toddlers. Parents and teachers can find practical resources to help kids to learn vocabulary. The site is very easy to use and all you need to do is to paste three or more words to get started. It is possible to modify the amount of words that are shown in the word cloud. You can also filter words to remove them from the tag cloud, or you can select the font and color that you want to use. In order to be able to use ABCya, flash player is required.


WordItOut is another option that gives you the possibility of creating appealing word art. The words are placed randomly and the main ones are larger to make them more relevant. While WordIt Out doesn’t offer as many features as other options in the list, it works well and allows you to take control over many custom settings. Using it is free and you don’t need to register to be able to create word clouds. It supports a wide variety of customization options so you can create word clouds that match your style.


ToCloud is a free word cloud maker that runs on your browser, without requiring additional plugins like Silverlight or Java. ToCloud shows the word cloud next to the configuration box and you can’t save to the tag cloud, although you can take a screenshot. It is possible to get the HTML code for the word cloud so that it is shown directly on your website or blog. The truth is that the site is not the most appealing one in terms or interface, but when it comes to creating word clouds, it gets the job done.

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