Try These New Workouts and Fitness Trends

People are taking their fitness more and more seriously. The fitness industry has experienced such rapid growth recently and is now worth billions of dollars. This growth has pushed for new workouts and fitness trends that are sure to get you sweating and smiling at the same time.

Here are the biggest workouts and fitness trends to try right now. There is something here for everyone, whatever your workout and fitness preferences may be.


In a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, you alternate between high-intensity exercises and short recovery movements. This requires maximum effort in the span of a few minutes. The advantage of doing HIIT is that you can try to fit it into your busy schedule. Experts recommend doing at least 20 minutes of HIIT three times a week.

micro-HIIT takes that to a new level. This new workout suggests that you practice HIIT multiple times throughout the day. Fit in two or three minutes of micro-HIIT every opportunity that you can find. It could be while you’re waiting for the last few minutes of laundry to finish or for your coffee to brew.

What exactly are the health benefits of HIIT and micro-HIIT? To better understand the amazing effects of doing high-intensity exercises, you first need to know some basic parts and functions of the body.

The body is made up of millions of tiny cells. In a way, they function as the small and intricate parts of a mechanical watch. When your precious watch gets broken, there are places that you can go to watch parts and watch repair supplies. It’s not quite that simple with your body. The body has a mechanism to remove its own broken cells and replace it with new ones. This is called autophagy.

Health experts explain that the healthy stress that your body goes through during high-intensity exercises triggers autophagy. It helps get rid of organic wastes in your cells faster and promotes the production of new cells. The more you do micro-HIIT, the more you help your body regenerate.

Personalized Health Supplements

Many of the developments in health and fitness services are a result of technology that now allows providers access to highly personalized data. These technologies include fitness trackers and more affordable DNA testing kits.

Now that professionals can really get to know your body better, they can provide services tailored to your needs. Gone are the days of taking in all the vitamin pills that you can get your hands on, never knowing if it’s actually doing anything for you.

This new trend for supplements begins by arranging at-home blood tests for you. A nutritionist then looks into your health and lifestyle through a phone consultation. Using information like your metabolism, liver function, and hormones, a health supplement is tailor-made for you is created. These personalized supplements come in the form of granules instead of the more common pills for better absorption by the body.

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT)

Regardless of how often or intensely you work out, the number of calories that you burn during the exercise itself will never be enough to improve your health and fitness. This is why there is now more focus on improving wellbeing through non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). NEAT refers to the energy that you spend on activities outside your workout.

This fitness trend encourages an active lifestyle that doesn’t necessarily mean an activity-filled life. Achieving wellbeing through NEAT involves making conscious decisions to be more active in your daily activities. It can be the choice to take the stairs instead of the elevator, to enjoy the time spent walking your dog, to start gardening, or simply to walk more. Together, you will burn more calories making these active choices than you will in the gym or in an hour-long jog.

An increased emphasis on NEAT has also resulted in the growing number of walking clubs and hiking trips. These activities help people enjoy the benefits of spending time outdoors and provide opportunities for socializing.


Dance-focused classes have gained popularity over the past few years. Dancing is an effective workout because it combines the health benefits of listening to music and cardio exercises. It can be a great way to achieve your target from your weight loss calculator and dancing is also a form of low-impact exercise. It is ideal for people with weaker bones or joints. Perhaps the greatest advantage of dancing as a workout is that it’s fun.

The latest trend with these classes is the introduction of a Latin American dance twist. Instructors from around the world have started dance studios that take advantage of the unique energy of Latin dances. Now you can dance the cha-cha to achieve better body coordination and toner muscles.


As with most things in life, people are constantly developing new ways to enhance health and fitness practices. These developments will help you make the most out of the time you spend exercising and out of the health products you’re using. With all of these new workouts and fitness trends, the primary approach to wellness remains the same. Know yourself and your own body better. Do the things that will work best for you and your lifestyle. May get a juicer for your celery. Above all else, do the things that you enjoy. You will not mind the sweating as much if you’re also smiling.

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