The world’s first anti-stress bracelet

Stress has been proven to have negative health implications including fatigue, headache, digestive problems, heart diseases, aging among others. The longer the stress last, the worse it is for our mind and body. WellBe is trying to help us monitor and avoid stress using the first ‘anti-stress biofeedback bracelet and app.

The bracelet is elegant and light weight with  mobile app designed to support users emotional well-being. Using the WellBe, users should be in a position of noting what their stress triggers, personalized meditation, and other well-being exercises that help release stress immediately.

The manufacturing company claims that WellBe monitors the wearer heart rate and employs a patent-pending algorithm to determine stress levels. The algorithm used is unclear but could offer bigger promises in the future. The bracelet determines your stress and calmness level based on location, time and people a wearer meets throughout the day. It can sync with a user’s calendar and location for useful results.

The WellBe pairs with the app giving users meditation exercise and programs for 7, 14 and 21 days. It sends a notification when stress levels get too high and remind the wearer to take a minute to breathe and drink water.Renowned mentor has designed the programs through the Mentors Channel, all designed to encourage us to adopt well-being as a habit. The app also offers a variety of mindfulness exercise including Focused breathing, Meditation, personalized programs and playlist and guided imagination.

The only limitation to the bracelet is that it does not account for the stress of wearing a device that is always monitoring stress.

WellBe is on Kickstarter now, and it is starting at $109.


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