Xiaomi launches an affordable, foldable electric bike

Xiaomi is commonly known for its affordable, high-quality smartphone though of late it has been venturing into other products. The Chinese Company recently announced its first drone, just after launching a smart rice cooker. Now the company has unveiled a foldable electric bike (Mi QiCycle), meant for city commuters.

Mi Qicycle has been fitted with a 3-speed hub plus a 250W motor and a pack 20 Panasonic lithium-ion batteries that offer pedal assistance for up to 45KM on a single charge. It is coupled with a Shimano gear shift that offers three modes – easy, standard and fast. This ensures optimization of the effort you are putting in so that you don’t overdo it to get the desired speed. It also features TMM torque sensing technology that keeps track of your efforts and provides appropriate assistance even on steep inclines.

The bike features a 1.8 screen with 160 * 128px resolution. Using this screen you can monitor all the fitness-related parameters (including distance travelled, calories burned, and speed), GPS data and the status of the bike. The Mi Qicye also offers a Bluetooth connection for your smartphone’s companion app to check the bike’s status or ride stats. Interestingly, the 14.4 Kg bike can be folded into half its size for easier storage. As expected the bike has a front light and a red brake light at the back.

The bike seems an interesting option for anybody with an urban commute and does not fancy an electric skateboard or scooter to cover the last miles home or to the office.

Just like the Mi Drone, the bike will initially be crowd funded inside the Xiaomi’s Mi Home app. This means that the bicycle will not be released until a target number of users have signed up and agreed to purchase it first before they are fully funded. The initial price is expected at around $455.

Featured Image credit:techcrunch

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