Xiaomi leadcore smartphone will cost just $65

Xiaomi one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in China has something special in mind for the low end market. The company is planning to launch a Xiaomi smartphone that will retail for $65 and will be powered by a new processor named Leadcore that we have never heard of before. The LeadcoreLC1860 SoC is pretty powerful as it has support for 2k LCD display and is clocked at 2GHz. The SoC has a 28nm Cortex-A7 architecture and is paired with a Mali T628 GPU. If that wasn’t enough the SoC can also record video in 1080P at 60FPS and has support for 4G LTE.

Xiaomi’s $65 smartphone will be equipped with the Leadcore SoC and will also have 1GB of RAM and a 720P display. Xiaomi as of now have a range of smartphones that comes with high end specs and cost much lower than other high end smartphones but with this new SoC Xiaomi will be able to bring the price of their smartphones further down, but this does not mean that Xiaomi is going to give up on Qualcomm as the company will still use both Qualcomm and their own Leadcore SoC’s.

With smartphones like these Xiaomi sure is going to be the top smartphone manufactures in China and 3rd one globally. Xiaomi is not the only manufacturer who is trying to capture the low end market with their affordable smartphone as a lot of other companies are also doing the same including some well-known companies. Hopefully in the end people would have a lot of choices to buy from making the competition tough and the prices of smartphone lower than ever.

Would you get this phone if Xiaomi made it globally available and why?


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