Xiaomi’s upcoming budget smartphone will carry a price tag that exceeds $65

Known for its aggressive pricing strategy, Chinese phone maker Xiaomi is currently in the process of releasing a smartphone model that is going to carry a price tag that will exceed that $65 USD. However, it has been reported that the total amount will be far less than $100. According to the latest leaked image courtesy, the upcoming smartphone is going to possess physical features that are along the same lines as the company’s existing Redmi 2 device.

According to a reliable source, the specifications that the device will carry will be a 4.7 inch display that will be radiating a display resolution of 720p along with a single gigabyte of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory. In addition, the smartphone will also provide an 8MP/2MP camera combo and the stock platform of the unnamed handset will be running Google’s KitKat 4.4.4 update. However, one notable difference separating this smartphone from the Redmi 2 will be that instead of sporting the Snapdragon 410 (a chipset is belonging to leading mobile chipmaker Qualcomm), the smartphone is currently equipped with a LC1860CSoC.

The aforementioned chip is a product that belongs to Leadcore Technology, a large Chinese firm that specializes in the manufacturing of application processors. The source states that Xiaomi was allegedly targeting a CNY399 price, which translates it in to $65. However, due to the necessary campaigns required to address the budget smartphone market, it is expected that additional overheads of the company will force it to increase the overall price of its upcoming offering.

Regardless, if the rumor does end up being true, then Xiaomi’s smartphone will carry a much lesser price tag compared to the Redmi 2’s $110, allowing additional consumers to become a member of the smartphone club.

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