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Yik Yak is a social media app that allows its users to create, take part and view discussion boards. The main goal of this social networking app is to share information with others and connect all users through a thread or a group discussion area where all its members could contribute through writing, responding, commenting and voting. Yik Yak was available through the web as well; however, in April of 2017, Yik Yak was shut down on both smartphones and web. Thus, a sad news for all its members, however, this should not deter its members to stop enjoying Yik Yak as there are numerous sites and apps that are very similar to Yik Yak that you would surely enjoy too.

1. Swiflie

Swiflie is an app where people who have specializations and who are great in their field could share their options and point of views on any topic. This app is one of the bests but the downside of this app is that the contents posted are just temporary and are removed after a certain period. However, this downside could also work in someone’s favor in terms of no one could claim anything or could say something negative against you. Another advantage in using this app is its users could remain anonymous while posting something.

2. Psst! Anonymous

This app is a little bit similar to a private messaging application that works as a social network or media too. The amazing thing about this app is it allows its users to delete any recordings or message once the recipient has read the message. Through Psst! Anonymous, its users could be ensured of secured communication, ID masking system and customize their profiles.

Aside from messaging, this app could also be used for sharing opinions, experiences, news and many more.

3. CityPrism

Social location based app, CityPrism is designed specifically for smartphone users. This app is similar to Campus Buzz which most students visit to share their feelings, ideas on any topic with the goal of inspiring others and getting inspired themselves.

4. Honestly

Honestly is surprisingly an anonymous social networking app where everything is kept anonymous. This app allows its users to provide and share their own feelings, ideas, thoughts without getting known and without the feeling of pressure or fear of being bashed by someone. In fact, using this app does not need its users to create an account nor to register.

5. Anomo

Anomo is another anonymous social networking application where all users’ identities are kept private. The main goal of this app is to form social relationships among its users who have the same common field of interests. Anomo is a creative way to get to interact with other people.

6. ASKfm

A question and answer based social application, ASKfm is a platform where users could throw any question and get responses through the opinions of other users. This app’s main goal is to create a safe platform for promoting positive thinking and to motivate others.

To be able to access this app, one has to create a profile but once you have done so, we could assure you will enjoy browsing, reading and even writing your own questions.

7. Pal+

If you are into hosting or holding discussions on multiple topics, then this app is perfect for you. This app offers a discussion board where its users with similar mindsets could share anything and everything under the sun. Through this forum based application, you could surely find someone that will become your pal especially most of the members and users in this app have similar tastes and mind.

8. Peach

Peach is a social networking application where its users or members could share things with each other. It comes with user-friendly and easy to use interface. It is also designed with fun and simple way to keep up with friends. The downside of this app is its users couldn’t freely just post anything as all posts are filtered and read by the administrators of this app.

9. GirlsAskGuys

This app is an interactive social networking app where guys could ask girls for advice and vice-versa about anything and everything – from popular topics to controversial topics. Name it and you will find it here. This app is considered as the most popular and widely used platform where you will find users sharing their own experiences.

10. LegaTalk

LegaTalk is another anonymous app where one could share their own personal thoughts. This app is perfect for smartphone users and also this app is known to be one of the most secured platforms found on the internet. One could share anything they want without the feeling of being shy or scared of being judged.

11. No Name

Are you someone who likes meeting new people but is also concerned about privacy? Then this application is just for you. Through this app, you will be able to send invites, messages, photos, videos and talk about anything under the sun. This app is for 18 and above only. Furthermore, users are not allowed to use inappropriate usernames or pictures.

12. Shush – Your Local Whisper

This is an open and safe community app where users can share their thoughts, ideas, opinions, dreams, or trade advice anonymously. This is a platform where you can safely and openly express and empower yourself without fear or hesitation. If you’re want to share something but don’t want to be judged, go to SHUSH!

This app only supports and is compatible with iOS devices.

13. Spout

Do you want to chat anonymously with people near you? Spout is a location-based chat app where you can express yourself and get to know others. Share anything, ask for opinions, and see what people are talking about. You can adjust the radius of the location to broaden your freedom to express.

This app supports both android and iOS devices.

14. Vent

Vent is a social diary platform where express what you really feel, connect with people who would understand you and share what you are going through. Express yourself with colors and emotions or react to other people’s vents. Through this app, you could make friends and chat privately without the fear of disclosing your identity.

15. Nearby

This is a location-based social network app where you could meet new friends near you. Nearby uses GPS location in your area to discover people near you. Through this app you will have the opportunity to meet and chat with other people. Nearby is a safe since it does not disclose your personal information and does not link to any social media accounts.

This app supports Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

16. After school

This is an anonymous board app for your school. A place where you can post confessions, experiences and many more. You can personalize content filters, chat with experts regarding

issues at school or anything that stresses you out. This is a positive online community that has zero-tolerance for cyberbullying.

This app supports both Android and iOS devices.

17. Candid

Want to have a place or platform where you could have fun and have a safe way to open up and be honest with what’s on your mind? Then, you have come to the right place. This app provides a secured environment where you could meet new people, seek help, and support others without being judged. There are a wide range of topics in this app which you can join once you have signed in.

This app supports both Android and iOS devices.

18. Jodel

This app connects you to people around your community. Through this app, you will be able to share posts, stories, jokes, or read news. With Jodel, you could be assured that you will never miss out on the latest and trendiest news!

19. Sarahah

This app’s main aim and goal is for its users to discover and find their strengths and areas of improvement by receiving real-time feedback from friends and employees anonymously. Through this app you will be able to say something to someone in a unique and subtle way to someone.

This app supports both android and iOS devices.

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