YotaPhone 2 set for December 3rd launch

YotaPhone 2 a smartphone made by a Russian manufacturer has been seen from time to time with no official launch dates. The company has been backing up again and again when it comes to the launching of their YotaPhone 2 smartphone. If you don’t know YotaPhone 2 is the successor to the old YotaPhone that brings a lot of improvements over its predecessor in terms of specifications, a better looking design and some software improvements.

Today the company posted on Tweeter that they will be launching their much awaited YotaPhone 2 smartphone on 3rd of December. The launching ceremony will be held in London though the invitations would be limited to only invite. These are all the details regarding the launch day nothing else is announced though, but we are sure now that the company is serious about launching their smartphone.

YotaPhone 2 is equipped with a 5 inch display that supports a resolution of 1920 x 1080P with a pixel density of 441ppi and a 4.7 inch display e-ink panel at the back with a resolution of 960 x540. The phone will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.3GHz, 2GB of RAM, 8MP camera on the back while a 2MP camera at the front and to power it all a 2550mAh battery.

There is no new on the price of the device or when it’s going to be available in the market. YotaPhone 2 is a unique smartphone that comes with two display a regular screen at the front of the device while an e-ink screen at the back of the device. The e-ink screen would be used to read notifications which would save a lot of battery as e-ink displays consume less power than a regular screen.

What do you think about the smartphone, would you get one ?

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