You can now run Android apps on your Mac with BlueStacks

The popular BlueStacks platform for Windows that allowed you to run Android apps directly in a virtualised environment has now been updated to run on Mac OS X.

In development for quite some time, early adopters of the BlueStacks platform who signed up as interested parties have now begun receiving notifications that the software is now available to download before it is widely available to the rest of the world.

BlueStacks, for those unaware, acts as a fully fledged version of Android running on your computer, just as if you had a smartphone or tablet in front of you. Of course, you’ve been able to run certain Android apps via ArcWelder through Chrome, but BlueStacks adds increased flexibility, a filesystem, and virtualisation.

You can check out BlueStacks here, and grab the Mac version when it becomes available for the wider public.

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