You might own a real hoverboard very soon

The concept of a real hoverboard has been heavily documented and experimented though it is only now that we actually stand a chance to own one. When ARCA Space Corporation announced their design last year, many people viewed it with skepticism. Since then the company has publicly demonstrated the Hoverboard while collaborating with American and Chinese companies to aid in reduced production cost. Now the company has announced that the hoverboard has entered the production phase with deliveries in France, U.S., China, Romania and Israel expected to start in May.

The Hoverboard produces 272 hp and 430 lb of thrust using 36 high-powered electric ducted fans. What this can do is levitate a standing 110-kg human up 20 inches from the ground and move him/her horizontally at a top speed of 20 km/h. Onboard sensors limit the maximum height that the board can raise for safety purposes.

The Hoverboard can fly above any terrain including water and snow though it is essential to note that it uses a battery that lasts for six minute or a range of about 2 km. After the battery is depleted, it can be swapped with another for continued travel or recharged for 35 minutes.

ARCA CEO Dumitru Popescu noted that the past months had been amazing for ARCA Space Corporation as they were preparing to enter the production stage. He further points out that they could not be happier knowing how fortunate they are to create and now ship the first actual personal flying machine, the first hoverboard in history.

On 14th April, the public and press got the chance to view the ArcaBoard flying at Monaco’s Top Marques event. A video of the performance can be seen via this link.

If you want your real hoverboard, you should be prepared to fork out $14,900. Thanks to partnerships between ARCA Space and companies like Eco Molding Co and Southwest Composite Work Inc the price is less from the original projected of $19,900.

Featured image credit:gizmag

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