Zu3D Studio3 Review

The interest in animation has increased significantly and some of the most popular movies released in recent years belong to this category. There have been significant advances in animation software and it is possible to find a wide variety of options that suit professional users, as well as beginners. Children are particularly fascinated by animation and it is a good idea to nurture their interest, helping them to unleash their imagination through their own creations. Zu3D Animation kit is the perfect way to start in the world of animation and it is not only great for kids, but also for adults who want to learn to create their own animations.

What does it offer?

Zu3D Animation Kit is a comprehensive solution to discover the wonderful world of animation. It includes the Zu3D Studio3 software which provides great quality and an interface that is easy to use. The kit also comes with the Zu3D Animation Handbook, plasticine, green cloth for green screening, a mini set and a high quality webcam. You get all the necessary elements to create your own animations, even if you have never tried it before. The software works on Windows (XP and above) and Mac (10.8 and higher) and it is designed to make the animation process really simple.

The webcam included as part of the kit includes LED lights so it works well even in low light conditions. You can set it up and control it without hassle, giving you flexibility to capture images. The Zu3D Studio3 software is also designed with flexibility in mind as it gives you the possibility of selecting simple tools, as well as advanced options. It doesn’t matter if you are just getting started or if you have some experience, you will find functionality that suits your needs. You can begin with basic tools like the capture button, the text tab for titles or credits, and the audio tab that lets you record sounds or import them from a library.

The functions available are straightforward and you get unlimited video and audio tracks and many options that let you add your own style to your animations. There is also a variety of advanced features that will help you to take your creations to the next level. You get painting tools, automatic chroma-keying, eraser, rig-removal tool, adjustable frame rates, the option to draw directly on the frames and more. With Zu3 Studio3 you can import your own images, capture frames and delete strings or specific objects from the frames captured. Chroma-keying gives you the possibility of getting a pre-view of the animation so that you can adjust the lighting or make other changes.

While the painting tools are limited to pencil, filling, simple brush and shapes, when you select the special painting mode you can paint over each frame. This means that although Zu3D Studio 3 is designed as a stop-motion animation program, it also has hand-drawn animation capabilities. Other practical features included in the latest version of the software include speech bubbles, time lapse and flick book/storyboards/posters. The effective combination of powerful features and ease of use make Zu3D Studio3 one of the best animation programs available.

List of features

  • Zu3D Studio offers network compatibility
  • You can capture images from webcam/DV camera
  • You can record narration. It also allows you to import sound effects and music
  • Videos and images can also be imported
  • It is possible to play your film whenever you want. You can also speed up or slow down your film
  • Frames can be deleted as needed
  • Onion Skinning allows unlimited layers. You also get unlimited layers of audio and access to a vast library of sound effects and music.
  • You can add speech bubbles
  • Add titles, credits and other text
  • It is possible to draw straight onto the captured frames and create hand-drawn animations
  • Animations can be exported as AVI, WMV or FLV
  • It also provides rig-removal/ magic rubber, as well as timelapse
  • The software also offers automatic green-screening / chroma Key
  • You can upload your projects to the Zu3D online gallery


The Zu3D Animation kit is an impressive solution for children and aspiring animators. It offers all the necessary features and equipment to create fantastic projects. The software can be used on any computer with a webcam and you can choose the features that suit your needs and skills. The kit is also affordable and would be a great addition to any household and classroom. Zu3D will help you to bring your imagination to live and explore animation techniques in a simple and fun way.

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