Ace the Sales Process with Power Dialer

Selling is very hard. You have to convince the clients that they need a certain product or service, which is not always easy especially when, like it happens in most cases, the contact with the client happens over the phone. Call center operators know just how hard this routine is, multiplied by dozens of calls each day.

Luckily, there are some tools take make this whole process easier. SalesLoft is a company specialized in this niche, bringing innovative solutions to the most common problems in sales, and just recently they launched a new tool that merges email and phone in a powerful instrument: Power Dialer.

Power Dialer is the first application to combine both email and power dialer into one platform, harnessing the power of these two essential sales tools in order to automate prospect workflows and give sales agents the ability to track all outbound activities in one system and obtain analytics and data that will help them decide the next steps to take.

This app also makes dialing through the entire prospect list very easy. Operators just need to put their headsets on, execute the start command and make call after call after call, which makes Power Dialer the easiest and most effect dialer currently available on the market.

This tool is also quite smart, as it sorts through the entire prospect list to extract their locations and provide information about their current timezone. With that, the calling operator knows what is the best time to call each prospect. Another useful feature is LocalDial, which makes the call go through a number with the same are code as the clien, thus increasing the chances of the client picking up (according to research carried out by Software Advice, the evaluation service for IT management tools).

All this makes Power Dialer a very useful tool for anyone working in the sales world, as it is a tool that increases efficiency, reduces time waste and also eliminates some of the frustrations that usually arise from the sales process.

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