Apple acquires buzz tracking service Musicmetric

Apple has acquired the UK company behind the buzz tracking and piracy measuring service Musicmetric. Musicmetric will help Apple to add analytic to its Beats service and analyze it to make crucial business decisions.

It is reported that the UK company, called Semetric, was actually acquired by Apple last year but no word got out about it at that time. The acquisition was first noticed when the Semetric changed its registered address with the Company House’s fillings to Apple’s legal partner in UK. Later on, it was also seen that a senior Apple lawyer has also been added to Semetric’s board of directors in October last year.

Musicmetric is a 6 year old service that aids record labels, artists and other people in the music industry who compose any sort of music to help track the number of downloads of their music or albums. It tracks the information for every platform including iTunes sales, torrent downloads, YouTube video views, or music streams on different services (Spotify, Soundcloud etc).

Musicmetric also offers another feature that helps different brands and agencies to see which artists, albums or tracks are having the most number of mentions on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. This is a very great opportunity for marketing agencies to gather analytic data about any particular artist or its album.

Apple did confirm that acquisition when it was asked but it hasn’t disclosed the price of it. It is said that Apple will soon incorporate Musicmetric in its Beats audio service to collect analytic data.

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