Coole Apps zum Zusammenfügen von Videos auf dem iPhone

Whenever you shoot videos there is a possibility where and when you show and share them with with your friends, searching for the videos could take a while and could diminish the excitement especially of those with short attention span. With this, we have searched for apps that would allow you to merge videos on your phone that would help you show the gist of all of your videos.


Apple’s in-house iMovie allows its users to merge different clips easily. Through its features, you will be able to create and produce entertaining and fun videos. It lets its users change its overall look of the video through its filters and transitioning features. Aside from that, you could use its edit interface function which allows you to select a video and/or add a video. In case you get confused with the tools, do not worry as there is a question icon and small note that would explain to you the usage of each tool. Though iMovie does not have numerous features such as adding subtitles or introducing your music, you would surely love and adore using this app especially its trailer-like templates.


This app comes with lots of useful features. It allows its users to combine and merge different video clips. The only downside of this app is that its interface is a little bit complicated to navigate. Though this is the case, you would surely not have any problems to trip your video.

All you need to do is select the video clips you would wish to combine and you could right away proceed with the rest. Through VIVAVIDEO, you will be able to trip, split, reverse, add filters, and even mute original audio. Aside from that, you could even select the duration of any song you would like to use from their built-in library. You could also add themes to make your videos look enjoyable and fun.

Maximum time limit of the video: for premium users- no time limit, otherwise 5 minutes for the rest.

This app comes with watermark.


QUIK is created by GoPro. This app is perfect for creating advanced and simple videos. Quik comes with amazing themes and effects. To create a fun and entertaining video, all you need to do is select your preferred video clips you would like to combine. Through this app, you will be able to choose music from their music tab, arrange, adjust and edit the clips. You could even trim and make the audio part slow down.

This app is offered for free on the App store. It comes with watermark but could be removed. The maximum length of video is 3.19 minutes.


Splice comes with a huge library of audio clips and music which are segregated and organized into categories. Through this app, you will be able to listen to the audio track even before you add them to your video. With Splice, you will also be able to add, trip and edit your video. All you need to do is hit the Edit button and you are good to start editing your video.

Splice comes with watermark but it could be disabled if you wish.

5. Kinemaster

If you want to edit your videos to landscape mode, Kinemaster is your best bet. This app is packed with editing tools and it allows combining multiple video clips. Through Kinemaster, you will be able to add overlay, multiple layers of effects and even add blocks of texts. Since this app is close to a professional movie maker, you will need to be patient in learning how this app and its features work.

Kinemaster comes with watermark and the movie length depends on your file size but it allows up to 39.8 GB.

6. Magisto

Magisto is considered as one of the most advanced editing tools that could merge multiple video clips with just a few clicks. It allows its users to create movies or videos up to five minutes. Though this is not that long, you will be able to pick your own videos and reorder them and apply music on it. You will also be able to add text, color, text slides and many more.

This app comes with a cost of $4.99 for monthly subscription and if you wish to work with its Professional version, the fee would be $29.99.


Thanks to the above video editors, you could now merge your video clips and even add some interesting features that would make your videos look beautiful, entertaining and fun. So what are you waiting for? Check them and try them out.

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