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Audiobooks are one of the most successful and most popular tools used for modern storytelling and reading books. They have become very popular and successful because it has become more accessible to many people, unlike before when audiobooks come with a CD and you will need a CD player in order to listen to your audiobooks.

Today, audiobooks could be played on smart speakers like Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple HomePod. If you are on a tight budget and does not have extra to purchase a smart speaker, no need to fret as all you need is a smart phone or a tablet with an Android OS and you would surely be able to download audiobook apps.

In this article, you will be able to find the most popular, exciting and interesting Android audiobook apps.

Take note, that if you have decided to download audiobooks, they could take more space than downloading ebooks. This means, a single audiobook could take the same amount of space as a movie with about 100 to 500 MB. The reason behind this is because an audiobook could take about five to ten hours of play time.

Best Audiobook Apps in Google Play Store

1. Google Play Books

Google Play Books just recently launched in January 2018 and this app offers different types of digital content such as textbooks, ebooks, comic books and audiobooks. The said content could be accessed via Google Play Books Android app and it is an app that has the ability to be synced across all of your devices that are connected to your Google account. This means, you will be able to listen to your audiobooks on your laptop or phone and continue where you last left off.

In addition to that, this app allows its users to download audiobooks which will allow you to access them even when you are offline.

2. Audible

Audible is probably one of the best that offers one of the largest and most advanced audiobooks with exclusive titles, book series and audio shows. This app offers you options on downloading your favorites. One of which is the traditional way which allows you to download one at a time or through subscribing which costs about $14.95. Subscribing allows you to download an audiobook for free every month and get a 30% discount on a few titles. In addition to that, if you

are an Amazon Prime member, Audible lets you have free audible channel access to curated selections of lectures, original programs and audio editions. Aside from that, this app is offered for free and does not have advertisements. It also could sync all your audiobooks to all your connected devices even when you are offline.

3. LibriVox

This app is offered for free and comes with audio versions of classic books. Currently, LibriVox has about 24,000 classic audiobooks which could be accessed for free and about 75,000 audiobooks for paid subscription. Paid version audiobooks include bestsellers and new releases.

LibriVox could be accessed easily through Bluetooth for Bluetooth enabled speakers and headphones. This app could be accessed without pesky advertisements.

4. Libby

For those who are into ebook, then you will definitely also love Libby. This app was developed by OverDrive and allows its users to borrow audiobooks from public libraries and play them through the Libby app. It is free and offers numerous newly released books and hot bestsellers. Though this app does not have as many audiobooks as Audible’s but it offers simple, enjoyable and legal access of interesting audiobooks.

5. Audio Books

This site has about 100,000 premium audiobooks and about 7000 that could be downloaded for free that you would surely enjoy. Aside from that, this site uploads new audiobooks weekly. This app has high quality sound and allows its users to adjust the settings like the narration speed. It also has customer service that will help you or answer your queries through chat.

Audio Books allows its users to bookmark and create notes.

6. Oodles

If you want audiobooks that are from legal sources, then Oodles is your best bet. It has about 50,000 ebooks and 15,000 audiobooks which you would surely enjoy. In this app, you will also find classic books of authors such as Victor Hugo, Jane Austen, Mark Twain and many more. In Oodles, you will be able to find not only English language books but also Hindi audiobooks.

7. Kobo

Kobo offers a lot of interesting titled ebooks and audiobooks. Their audiobook player was created with a slider which makes it easier for users to navigate. This app also allows its users to customize its narration speed and has a notification which you could view how much time is left. It also lets you browse through their store and check out audiobook deals, purchase your favorite audiobooks and many more.

8. Kindle for Android

Kindle is probably the most popular app in this article. It is an app that offers wide range of options not only for ebooks but also audiobooks. In this app, you will be able to purchase an ebook or audiobook. Kindle also offers a technology called Whispersync which allows its readers to switch between reading and listening. You will also be able to switch from reading on your smartphone to listening on Amazon Fire tablet since this app could be synced between devices.

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