Best GNOME Shell Extensions

GNOME Shell is the user interface of the popular GNOME (which stands for GNU Network Object Model Environment) Desktop environment for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. GNOME Shell supports functions like launching applications, displaying notifications and switching windows. Although GNOME Shell offers good functionality, the standard configuration doesn’t suit the requirements of many users and it is limited in terms of customization. Fortunately, there are options that will allow you to personalize your experience with the interface.

In this list, you will find the most practical and powerful GNOME Shell extensions.


This is a simple and practical extension that displays the current speed of your internet connection.

Pomodoro Timer

The Pomodoro technique is a time management solution that allows you to improve your productivity effectively. With this extension, you will be able to apply the principles of the Pomodoro technique by breaking down your tasks into time intervals and taking short breaks in between.

Project Hamster extension

This is another fantastic option to improve your productivity and manage your time in a smart way. With this extension, you can keep track of the time spent on different tasks.

Dash to Dock

With Dash to Dock, the Dash in Gnome is turned into a Dock that can be easily configured and placed anywhere on your desktop. You will be able to launch applications and switch between them with impressive speed.

Workspaces to Dock

Like Dash to Dock, this extension will enable you to get a Dock on your desktop, in this case, you can transform the workspace thumbnails in the activities overview.

Skype Integration

This extension allows Skype users to get notifications for new messages, change your online status or find contacts all within the shell interface.

User Themes

You can personalize Gnome and enjoy an experience that suits your style by installing shell themes. The User Themes extension will enable you to get custom Gnome themes from Gnome Look.

Clipboard Indicator

With this extension, a clipboard manager is integrated with the Gnome Shell to store clipboard history. You can copy and paste up to 50 previous entries.

Drop Down Terminal

Drop Down Terminal allows you to toggle a drop down terminal with a keyboard shortcut. It is a practical solution to get a better terminal experience.


You can keep your computer “awake” with the help of this extension. It prevents the computer from going into sleep mode automatically.

Auto Move Windows

You can organize your dektop by moving windows to predetermined workspaces automatically just as they are opened.

Open Weather

This extension allows you to get weather forecast in your gnome desktop from or It is possible to customize the Open Weather’s appearance and to choose its location on the panel. You can also select the Temperature and Wind Speed units and other details.

Cover Flow Alt-tab

If you want to change the behavior of the alt-tab, this extension will allow you to go through windows repeatedly in a coverflow mode.

Refresh WiFi connections

This extension adds the option to search for new Wi-Fi connections without hassle, which is something that Gnome 3 doesn’t offer by default.

Media Player Indicator

Withe Media Player Indicator, you can easily access the controls of multiple media players including Audacious, Rhythmbox and Clementine.

Disable Workspace Switcher Popup

When you switch between workspace, a popup will appear on the screen. If you want to get rid of it, try this extension.

Applications Menu

This will add a regular category-based menu to Gnome 3. Although it is installed by default, the Gnome Tweak Tool will need to be used to enable it.

Places Status Indicator

You can add a menu to navigate quickly between mount points in the system with the help of this Places Status Indicator.


You can integrate todo.txt with the Gnome shell so that you can create, delete or mark tasks as completed.

Activities Configurator

This extension will enable you to configure the appearance of the “activities” button and the the panel. After installing it, open the settings using the Tweak tool and you will see all the options available.

Dynamic Top Bar

Dynamic Top Bar is a simple solution to make the top bar transparent. If a window is maximized, the top bar will turn opaque again.


With this option, you can record screencasts of your Gnome desktop or from a specific window or area on the screen. It also allows you to record audio.

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