Best LaTeX Editors

Many of us deal with digital documents on a daily basis and one of the most popular options available in this area is Microsoft Word. There are many document editing tools available and the majority focuses on simplicity. The Word formatting focused on a GUI based approach where users can see the final result as they type. There are other ways of handling Word Formatting. One of them is using a Word formatting tool that does the word formatting as a markup entry beforehand and the content is added at a later stage.

LaTeX editors

LaTeX, or Lat-Tech is a markup level text editing tool that separates the word formatting and the content entry task. LaTeX is very similar to HTML in terms of formatting and it is also one of the most popular text editor solutions, particularly among academics. If you need to handle scientific papers that contain a large number of mathematical equations, LaTeX text editors are the best choice. They give users the possibility of establishing the format of text prior to making up-level instructions. Once the content is inserted, the document can be exported as a PDF or any other file format. LaTeX editors are ideal for Mathematical equations and in fact, they were mainly created for this purpose. Here is a list of the best LaTeX tools available.

Vim with LaTex-suite

Vim-LaTeX is a powerful extension for Vim that allows you to edit and compile LaTex documents. In spite of its simplistic approach, it offers a lot of flexibility and it will allow you to edit documents without hassle. Vim-LaTeX is specifically designed for developers, which is why you can expect a versatile performance and many configuration options. It can be anything from a basic notepad, to a text editing solution with multiple configuration files. It supports visual editing, error tracking, code folding, customized templates, mode mapping and compiling, just to name a few. It works with Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix.


TeXmaker is an open-source LaTeX solution that works with multiple platforms. It is possible to set up all the basic settings of a LaTeX document, even before you start working on it. TeXmaker lets users set up the spell checking and other document layout settings via the Quick start window. The Structure View lets users organize their documents into different sections. With TeXmaker, you can easily insert tables, Math formulas and more. The tool also allows you to keep track of errors during the compilation stage. Warnings and errors are shown to notify users about the action required. Features like Spell-checking, Built-in PDF viewer and over 300 mathematical symbols make Texmaker worth considering.


Many users in the Academic world rely on TeXstudio thanks to its great selection of features. The tool is open-source and it is based on TeXmaker, which is why you will notice many similarities between them. Functions like Document Word count and frequency count analysis make TeXmaker a more comprehensive solution. It also supports reference checking, multi-cursors, over 1000 mathematical formulae and Syntax Highlighting. You can also count on its Link overlay, which converts text into links. Even if you are new to LaTex editors, you will be able to set up a file and place tables or blocks of images anywhere in the document with the help of the Assistant feature.


If you want a solution that doesn’t require any installation, ShareLaTeX may be the best solution for you. All your LaTeX document editing tasks are handled online and it allows you to edit your documents right from your web browser. It comes with hundreds of templates, including Scientific magazine articles, Technical paper layouts and CVs. Once you select the relevant layout, you can start editing the content without having to focus on the formatting. With ShareLaTeX, it is possible to collaborate on a document with other users and see the changes in real-time. ShareLaTeX stands out for its Document History and Chat feature. In addition, it supports Dropbox and GitHub syncing.


TeXworks also works on multiple platforms and it is based on TeXshop, which is also open-source. With TeXworks, you get the GUI-based approach to LaTeX editing and the tools offers a lot of the essential functionality supported by other options included in the list. It comes with a PDF viewer, as well as an auto-synchronisation feature. TeXworks also offers auto-correction, auto-completion, Unicode support and other important functions. If you only need the basic options that you can get from a LaTeX editor, TeXworks is a great choice. Although it is very simple, it works well and supports insertion of graphics/tables, code folding and more. It also has a built-in PDF viewer and it works with all main platforms.


Authorea is the ideal options for those who want a web-based LaTeX editor. This powerful online editor has many good features that you can also find from other similar options in the list. In addition to Collaboration tools, Templates that are ready to use, Document revision history and chat feature, easy insertion of images, links, tables and more, Authorea supports a wide selection of file formats such as HTML, Markdown and of course, LaTex. You can export documents as PDF, share them on your social media profiles, allow or disallow comments and enjoy other popular features. It is very easy to use and it works with the most popular web browsers.

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