Best Slideshow Apps for iOS

iPhone and iPad users can enjoy superb camera and image quality, as well as features that help them to enhance their productivity and get the most out of the entertainment options available. Thanks to these and other advantages, iOS devices have become a fantastic solution to create and display presentations. In order to create presentation that truly stand out and that help you to communicate your ideas in a clear and appealing way, a slideshow app would be a great choice. Slides are used in many areas because they are an effective and simple way to present information. They can make a complicated subject easier to understand, or can be helpful to show holidays photos in a more convenient way. You can create fantastic presentations on your iOS device with the help of these selection of apps that offer the necessary tools to make your presentations more engaging.

Haiku Deck

Creating an effective presentation to impress your audience doesn’t have to be complicated. Haiku Deck makes sure that you can create amazing presentations and that you even enjoy the process of preparing them. You can find and select photos that can be used in the background or get images from Instagram, Facebook and other online sources. The app offers professional tools that will help you to create top presentations. The app supports syncing across all your iOS devices and it is possible to share your presentation when you are on the go using your iPhone or iPad.

Prezi Viewer

With Prezi, you can make sure that your presentation is successful as it helps you to prepare it without hassle. You can practice, watch and show your presentations at any time, no matter where you are. It is ideal for business people, students or anyone who needs to get ready for an important presentation while they are travelling, or commuting to work or school. The presentations created in Prezi are known as prezis and they offer an eye-catching, professional way to present information. You can show your prezis anywhere and enjoy a great range of practical features.


If you need a top quality app that lets you create amazing video slideshows using your photos, try SLideLab by Yaling Tu. You can let your photos tell a story with the great selection of features designed to bring a unique touch to your slideshows. You can edit your photos before creating the slideshow to make sure that they look their best. Then you can add transitions and music to make the presentation more interesting. You can save the video slideshows and share them via YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. It provides all the tools needed to create beautiful slideshows to share with family and friends.


PicFlow is another practical app that helps you to bring photos and music together in a great looking slideshow.. It gives you flexibility to create picture collages with your favorite images. You can select as many photos as you want from your camera roll and albums and organize them and edit them with simple gestures. You can add tracks from your iPod library and even select a specific part of the song that you want to use while the photos are being displayed.


If you need professional presentations that help you to close important deals, this app by Brainshark is an excellent choice. It allows you to showcase and share PowerPoint presentations from your iOS device with fantastic quality. You can upload a PowerPoint presentation to your SlideShark account and enjoy its seamless performance and practical options like integration with cloud storage services like OneDrive and Dropbox. You can share your presentation on your social media profiles. SlideShark allows you to enjoy your PowerPoint presentation on iOS with incredible quality and flexibility. Although it can be downloaded for free, to get the most of it you would need to subscribe for 1 year for $94.99. However, there is a 15-day free trial that lets you check if SlideShark is the right option for you.

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