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Beste Waffen in Fortnite Kapitel 4, Saison 1: Ultimative Waffen-Rangliste

The chapter 4 season 1 Epic Games’ hit battle royale Fortnight packs with a lot of changes. It has updated its loot pool and there are a lot new weapons which you could add to your loadout. In fact you would be ecstatic as we are to know that the DMR which is known for long distance sight and fast firing features is back on the top of the rankings. Moreover, the Rocket Launcher is still around which definitely is a relief.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Best Weapons Ranked

  • Shockwave Hammer
  • DMR
  • Twin Mag SMG
  • Red-Eye Assault Rifle
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Ex-Caliber Rifle

The ranking of weapons has been created through account stats, community feedback and in-game experiences. Each and every weapon have been categorized into tiers with stats and description of their performance. Keep in mind that the S tier it the best and the C tier is a category which you would not want acquire and use.

S Tier Weapons

WeaponDPSReload TimeMag Size
DMR1452.12 seconds10
Shockwave Hammer12510 seconds4
Assault Rifle1982.2 seconds30
Twin Mag SMG2601.3 seconds20

Since there is no proper and good sniper, the DMR definitely takes back its place on the 1st place. The Shockwave hammer, on the other hand is new in this game. If you are looking for a close range damage type of weapon, then, we highly recommend the Twin Mag SMG and if you want a classic weapon, then, the assault rifle is the one for you.

Fortnite A Tier Weapons

WeaponDPSReload TimeMag Size
Red-Eye Assault Rifle1402.25 seconds25
Ex-Caliber Rifle40.34.9 seconds3
Rocket Launcher97.52.52 seconds1
Tactical Pistol190.41.3 seconds15

Though the MK Seven Assault Rifle is no longer included in the list of weapons, definitely, it has been compensated with the arrival of the Red-Eye Assault Rifle. It is easy to use with its red-dot target and it is definitely as almost as good as the MK-Seven.

The Ex-Caliber Rifle on the other hand comes with firing swords which would stick itself to your opponents and explode. Though this weapon is difficult to master, it is definitely lethal.

Fortnite B Tier Weapons

WeaponDPSReload TimeMag Size
Machine SMG238.52.2 seconds33
Thunder Shotgun89.685.3 seconds8

The Machine SMG is definitely back and though it is not the best SMG, it is fast in terms of speed firing which makes it worth it. When it comes to shotguns, unfortunately, for this season, it is not great. Though you could give huge damage with its two rounds at a time, it is slow.

Fortnite C Tier Weapons

WeaponDPS Reload TimeMag Size
Maven Auto Shotgun131.64.72 seconds6
Combat Shotgun112.24.7 seconds8

Though Maven Auto Shotgun looks good in terms of its statistics in terms of speed of firing option, its power is not that impressive. The Combat Shotgun, on the other hand, is designed for longer range combat. It could be used as an assault rifle as well.


We hope that through this article, we were able to help you with your Fortnite game by providing you idea on which weapon is the best for situations that you will find yourself in the game.

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