Parts of the Call of Duty series of games worth playing

Many years have passed since the release of the first part of the famous Call of Duty franchise, and who knows how the game industry of shooters about the Second World War had developed if the developers of the Medal of Honor game had not quarreled. This gave the world a whole series of games about various military conflicts and operations.

Today we will discuss the list of games from the series that are worth playing.

  • Warzone
  • Cal of Duty 2
  • Modern Warfare Series
  • World War 1 and 2 part
  • Black Ops


Warzone is a battle royale from the creators of the Call of Duty game series. The player will have to land alone or with allies in the playing area. Obtain weapons and armor, look for equipment upgrades and hide from enemies, or destroy them to survive.

The game has a level system and Call of Duty boost will take some time.

Call of Duty 2

One of the most popular parts of the entire series despite its advanced age. The game has good graphics and massive battles on the fronts of the Second World War.

The player will play as a soldier of the Soviet army and fight in Stalingrad occupied by the Nazis, completing the tasks of attacking fortifications and defending the homeland.

As a soldier of the British Royal Army, the player will go to Africa to fight the Rommel Corps – known as the desert fox and one of the most talented military leaders of the Third Reich. The British troops will have to oust the Germans from Algeria, and the player will take an active part in this.

As a soldier of the American Rangers, take part in the assault on the famous D-Day coast in 1944 in France. Break through the layered and competent defense of the Nazis and capture positions that you still have to keep from enemy counterattacks. The game sometimes copies scenes from Saving Private Ryan, which gives the game an extra charm.

Modern Warfare Series

The series originates in modern times, where a group of terrorists stages terrorist attacks in the Middle East, which forces the US and Britain to react and bring in their contingent to solve problems.

The player will visit the Far East and the territories of Russia, where the trace will lead to the search and elimination of terrorists.

The second and third parts of the series will tell about the evil Russian army, which treacherously invades the United States and tries to defeat America. The player will take part in the battles for New York and Washington as a ranger and Delta Force.

Of the interesting things in the series – the game allows the player to feel what a nuclear explosion is and what a person feels when he is in its epicenter.

World War 1 and 2 part

Games released with a difference of many years will take the player back to the theater of operations of the Second World War.

In the first part, the player will take part in the battles of the US Marine Corps against the regular units of the Imperial Japanese Army for control over the key islands of the Pacific Ocean.

The campaign will also affect the Soviet side, as the player will make their way in Stalingrad through the mountain of dead enemies and allies to complete sniper missions and help the Red Army storm the Zilov Heights and Berlin to end the fascist rule of German Germany in 1945.

The second part goes like a cinematic narrative, which makes it much more interesting to follow the main character and all his colleagues. Each character has its own character and disposition.

The player will return to the battlefields in World War II and confront the Nazi invaders as an American paratrooper.

Black Ops

A series for fans of conspiracies and operations with the use of special forces of various countries for the targeted destruction of terrorist groups.

The player will visit different continents and even in a federal prison, all with one goal – to find and destroy the enemies of the civilian population.

The recently released third part of the series will send the player into the midst of the Cold War and the covert struggle between the KGB and the CIA in order to flood Europe with their agents.

Participate in covert operations in 1960 to fight the external enemies of the United States.

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