Dropbox reduce prices on its plans in order to compete with other data storage providers

Dropbox has significantly reduced prices of its plans to compete with the other storage providers including Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. Previously, Dropbox was charging $49.99 for 500GB per month to its customers but the revised plan now offers a lot better. The same package now has 1TB data storage and will be charged at $9.99 per month ($120 per year or $99 per year if paid annually).

The reduced price means that customers who switched to other platforms due pricing factor can now opt for Dropbox once again. With the demand of online data storage increasing, the pricing of such packages has decreased significantly over the past 12 months. Since there’s a lot of competition between the top providers (including Dropbox, G Drive and OneDrive), the only factor that majority of people focus on is how much they will be paying for a particular amount of online storage space.

Besides the new pricing structure, Dropbox has also rolled out a set of new security features for its customers. The new features particularly focus on end user needs and how they can share their photos in different scenarios. With the new security features, Users can now do the following

  • Add a password access to shared links of files and folder placed in storage along with an expiration date.
  • Add ‘Edit’ or ‘View Only’ permissions for any shared files (the feature is already available on Google Drive)
  • Delete files and folders from a stolen device remotely.

The first feature will allow users to show their content specifically to people they want to. The feature can be used to give paid access to people who want to view a file or edit it but they have to pay to get access to the file (via password).

The second option works exactly like the Google Drive – allowing user to specify if a person can edit or only view the shared item.

The last feature is helpful in cases where a user’s device gets stolen. He/she can quickly unsync that device from their Dropbox account and it will automatically delete all the files and folders present on the stolen device.


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