Educational Apps for Kids To Download to Your Gadgets

Most modern kids would like to stick to their gadgets for hours. But is there any opportunity to make them learn while playing? Sure! In this post, we’ve collected the best educational games for kids you can download to your gadgets right now. 

Khan Academy 

This app is a perfect educational alternative for the youngest gamers. Khan Academy was designed for kids aged 2-7, so you can give it to your toddler without any hesitation. It contains hundreds of various stories, games, and short lessons on a large number of subjects. Your kid will be able to learn the colors, numbers, count backward, and take measurements. Moreover, the application can also help young minds with reading since it has lots of e-books. The children can either read the story or listen to it. Dozens of psychologists, teachers, and educational professionals worked on this app to make it exciting and entertaining for all children. The app is currently one of the most popular apps for kids in many English-speaking countries. 

BrainPOP Jr.

This application is for scholars who find their lessons incredibly boring. The application contains hundreds of videos on different topics your kid might have heard at school. The videos are about different countries, unusual places, famous people, and basic concepts in Geography, Physics, and Biology. These are not monotonous lectures but bright and entertaining videos that will make any student learn with enthusiasm. The high school students might easily pay to write essay on these subjects but they will never miss a chance to watch educational videos at BrainPOP Jr. This will help them have a better performance in a class and understand the necessary lessons much easier. 

Moose Math 

This is another popular application for pre-schoolers. It offers the funniest way to learn how to count. Your kid will need to make different smoothies, counting ingredients to treat the moose. Moose Math will make your kid stick to the gadget for a long time since it is a very addictive but useful game for toddlers. Counting has never been easier! The game is developed for kids aged 3 to 7. 

Meme Creator

Memes can be useful tools to help kids remember. Since memes are funny and relatable, they can act as great icebreakers between students and teachers. You can create your own memes for the classroom with this useful meme creator.

Little 10 Robot 

This game will suit the taste of the youngest learners. In case you are looking for an app that will entertain your 2-year kid, that is exactly what you need. The application offers a perfect educational material for children aged 2-4. The main purpose of young constructors will be to choose the necessary components for creating a particular figure or image. The app will boost your kid’s skills in matching, identifying, and naming. 

ABC Mouse 

This is one of the most exciting applications for little kids. It is available both via the website and mobile app. ABC Mouse has tons of quizzes, videos, and activities for toddlers. Moreover, there is a virtual map, where the parents can watch the progress of their kids’ learning. We tried the app and really liked it. Chances are that your children will like it, too. 


This application has an enormous number of books for young minds. The number is 35,000 and it continues to grow! Being one of the largest libraries with books for children, Epic attracts more and more users. The difficulty of books available significantly varies. There are lots of read-to-me options for the little kids who can’t read yet, as well as lots of books for students of different ages. The app is a perfect fit for kids aged 2-12 and will be great for families with kids of different ages. 

Toca Hair Salon 3 

This is just an app of the dreams of any little princess. Designed for girls mostly, the app allows dressing girls and making various hairstyles. The young ladies will be able to experiment with makeup, colors, cuts, and clothes, creating various characters according to their taste and preferences. The app is incredibly easy-to-use and intuitive – there is no instruction. 

Lightbot: Code Hour 

This app is designed to introduce the kids to the world of coding. It allows improving logic, math skills, and counting without actually coding. The application can help your kids learn basic functions in a fun and easy way. This app will be great for kids who would like to become engineers or developers in the future. The app is developed for pupils aged 8+. The application is considered to be the number one tool for young coders by many IT experts. Therefore, it is reliable and truly effective. 

All in all, there are tons of various educational applications for kids you can find online. Feel free to choose the most interesting ones according to your children’s age and particular preferences. By the way, make sure to check the price of an application before buying. In case you don’t want to spend money on apps, there are many free options you can download to your gadgets, too.

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