Galaxy Note 7 commercial drops clues

The Galaxy Note 7 is just days away from an official unveil, and diehard Note fans are starting to get anxious. With all the rumors and photos, it appears that all the info needed to make an informed buying decision has come — and gone. There’s little left of the story to tell, right? Well, the latest Galaxy Note 7 commercial is Samsung’s own contribution to the discussion.

In the Galaxy Note 7 commercial, Samsung drops some hints about the next Galaxy. What’s up with the old telephones in water? Apparently, water resistance is coming to the next-generation device.  You can see the marker being used to highlight words, but what’s that got to do with the next Galaxy Note? Perhaps the next-generation Note will have enhanced highlighting capabilities. We didn’t know about this software addition, but it’s nice to see Samsung bring this to the Note. After all, Amazon already allows you to highlight words in its Kindle books, but to have Samsung bring it to the Note’s pre-installed capabilities means that you’ll be able to highlight words on the page of any text — not just Amazon Kindle books.

A front-facing LED flash? This too, appears in the Galaxy Note 7 commercial and would certainly add some enhanced photography resources to the Galaxy Note line. Finally, the Galaxy Note 7 commercial tends to play up the next number in the sequence: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ?,” leading some to think, “Will there be a Galaxy Note 6? Of course not! We’ve confirmed this here, and all the official monikers we’ve seen have been “Galaxy Note 7,” not Galaxy Note 6. Notice the “No” before the “Note”? Yep, that’s Samsung’s subtle way of saying that the next number in the sequence is not 6. This fits the claim we’ve been making here at Aptgadget: that is, Samsung will skip the number “6” for “7.”

To find all these and other clues, check out the Galaxy Note 7 commercial below. Then come back and let us know if you spotted these hints and more.


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