Google Play Music deal brings 4 months free

Google has been working hard to sell its Google Play Music service for $9.99 a month with 1-month free, but some consumers don’t see this as a deal. I’m currently a Google Play Music customer but don’t use the service too often, but I still like getting to play any track in the Play Store for free whenever I need a song to pick me up or keep me calm. Music can have a therapeutic effect on its listener.

Well, the 1-month free offer that Google has been shelling out hasn’t produced its desired effect, but how does 4 months of free music sound? Google’s new Google Play Music offer, in honor of July 4th, is giving away 4 months of free access to not only the Play Music service but also Google’s YouTube Music Key service that lets you have ad-free access to Google’s premium video service. YouTube Music Key, in addition to giving you ad-free access, also lets you save videos for offline viewing so that you can watch your videos whether you’re online or offline (pretty cool, huh?).

This deal is in honor of the 4th, but there’s no telling when it’ll end. You can lock yourself into this deal, but you can go your way when the 4 months is up — effectively declaring your independence. But, if you find yourself drawn to all the music access and privileges, you’ll find yourself hanging on to it even when the deal is up. Head on over to the link below and jump in head-first.


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