Google testing its password generator application in Chrome

Google is said to be experimenting with its own password market app for Google Chrome browser, an app that is supposed to behave the same way as the LastPass and 1Password does. The password generator feature was found in the Chrome’s experimental version called Canary build which has the new password generator feature.

This is not the first time that Google has tested such type of feature. The idea has been going around since 2012 and the password generator feature is available in Chrome since then but it never made it to the headlines and people shifted to other apps for this purpose. The new interface including some minor addition of few things into the Chrome’s password generator, it looks like Google has finally decided to revamp its password generator app in order to attract more users.

According to a report, Chrome is the second largest browser being used by people. About 19.61% of the browser market is taken by Chrome. In order to spice things up, Google employee François Beaufort who takes care of the Google Chrome browser department, said on Google+ uses a specific C library alongside the FIPS 181 Automated Password Generator to generate really strong passwords that are very hard to guess and passwords that are easy to pronounce.

If users want to try out the new password generator feature, they have to download the Chrome Canary version and then enable two things

  • chrome://flags/#enable-password-generation
  • _chrome://flags/#enable-save-password-bubble

After setting these two flags, Chrome will open a new window and will suggest you a new password for every text field you select. Users should not worry about Chrome Canary overriding their already installed Chrome browser as this runs completely separate from it. However, it does warn a user about any crash or unexpected error that he/she may face while using Chrome Canary.

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