Hound – der schnellste persönliche Assistent auf dem Markt

Hound is a new voice-powered assistant that handles complicated task faster than Siri und Google now or any other personal assistant. You can talk to it, ask any question and have it perform tasks for you. The app is currently available for both iOS und Android.

Hound’s speed is the main wow feature. It can produce near real-time translation of a whole sentence in other languages. It also understands question within questions. You can make an absurd request like the population of the capital of Canada and Netherland, their areas in square miles, the population of Africa and the area codes of China, France and U.K. Hound will only take a few seconds and give you correct information.

Hound has an edge of other personal assistants since it can do the following

  • Hound is currently the only personal assistant that can summon an Uber ride and give you essential information about the trip e.g. distance, cost and time of the trip
  • Hound hotel search is simply the best. It can easily exclude certain features when performing your search. For example you can ask it for nearby Asian restaurants that are not Chinese or Japanese, are inexpensive, have parking areas and are currently open
  • Using it, you can easily schedule a conference call or appointment in another part of the world. It will tell you the current time in the other time zone and, of course, your current time
  • When performing hotel search, you can rattle off a list of needs. For instance, a hotel in Illinois from March 3 to 15 that is pet- friendly and under $700.


The app is developed by SoundHound and made its debut as a beta in last summer. Since then, the company has been improving the service with the help of about 150,000 testers. The company’s CEO Keyvan Mohajer noted that Hound uses ‘speech to recognition’ as opposed to its competitors use of’ speech to text’ and then ‘text to recognition’. Due to this, it is much faster.

Hound is great but faced with some challenges just like all other personal assistants. At times, it does not deliver searches for asked question. This is because of SoundHound building its knowledge graph, eliminating the use of Google. The knowledge graph is not as rich with information as Google. It has also been set default to Microsoft’s Bing for anything it does not understand. Often when kicking you to search, it is because it does not understand what you want or does not know how to answer.

As of now different personal assistant are best at doing different things. Siri is great for setting reminders, calling friends and controlling your phone while Google now is fantastic for searching tindehe web. Hound is best for performing complicated tasks e.g. finding an appropriate hotel based on certain specifications

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