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How to Force A Public WiFi Network Login Page to Open

Connecting to a public WiFi network is very convenient especially when you need to get online while you are outside to get a change of scenery and traveling. Connecting to a public WiFi is also perfect for those who are concerned with privacy and would want to hide an IP address.

What is amazing about connecting to public WiFi is that most establishments nowadays are addressing the fear of online security of their customers and yet they would also want to ensure that their customers at the same time would not abuse their resources. They do this by asking the users to log into a page for them to be able to ensure that customers would not abuse using their WiFi the whole day.

Aside from the security that the establishments are trying to provide to their customers, you could also get added security through a VPN and connect on multiple devices. Though this process is straightforward, simple and easy, there are times when the log-in page would refuse to open. This could be very frustrating and very inconvenient especially when you really need to get online to deal with important matters. If this is your case, do not worry as the good news is that fixing this issue and problem is easy to solve and fix. In this article, you will be able to get useful information about public WiFi and learn how to to force a public WiFi log-in page to open.

What is the best way to force the log-in page to open?

There are many different ways and methods for you to be able to force the log-in page to open but there is only one best way to do this and that is to adjust your DNS settings. Using an alternative DNS server could lead to having the issue mentioned. Hence, to be able to fix it, all you have to do is to turn off your alternative DNS server. Another ways to fix the issue are by clearing a browser’s cache, open the default page of the router and restart your computer.

Best tips on how to force a public WiFi network login page to open

When your computer or device starts to act up when you are trying to connect to a public WiFi network, do not worry as it is not your device or computer that has the problem. It is easily fixable and here are some tips which could help you get it up and run it.

Changing your DNS settings

As mentioned earlier, this is the best method that you could try in fixing the mentioned error. Computers usually automatically pick up DNS server of any network that you are trying to use. This would help your public WiFi page to automatically open up. However, unfortunately, there could be times that you could encounter a problem when you alter your DNS settings especially when you use a 3rd part DNS server. Thus, for you to be able to fix this problem, all you have to do is to remove the third party DNS servers and restart your connecting to the public WiFi login page.

Opening the default page of router

If you are not using an alternate DNS server and have double checked it, our next recommended method to solve this issue is to try to access page manually. The easier way to do this is by loading the default page of the router.

Type http://localhost,, or into the address bar and enter. This method would work and to force the log-in screen to load. However, if this does not work, type the IP address of your computer into the address bar and replace the last digit with 1 and that should definitely work.

Going to a company’s official website

There are some establishments that would allow you to access their website through their public WiFi without you having to log in. Hence, if you are using the WiFi of a company whose address you know, then, it is wiser for you to go through their official website. By doing this, you will be able to get a direct link to their WiFi log-in page which means all you have to do is to click the link and you are good to go.

Clearing your browser’s cache

Another reason as to why you are experiencing the mentioned issue is due to your browser’s cache. This could happen as your browser could be using DNS information which has been saved which then creates a loop which would then prevent the WiFi login page to load. If this is the case, then, the solution is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is to clear your cache which would then break the loop. Though this could be a little inconvenient, it would make your browsing experience better.

If you do not want to clear your cache, then you could try to use the incognito mode. Open a new window and select the incognito mode. Access the non-HTTPS website and you are good to go.

Though there are a lot of methods to solve this problem, one of the best ways to really solve this issue is by restarting your computer.


We hope that through this article, you were able to learn how to be able to force a public WiFi network login page to open.

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