How to Tame a Panda on Minecraft

Playing Minecraft is an enjoyable and stress relieving gaming activity. You will be able to do and see many things during your adventure in Minecraft. You will be able to explore numerous hidden places, underground fortresses, creatures and underwater temples. Another thing that is amazing about Minecraft is it introduces new things. For example, there is a new animal that you could encounter that is wandering in the jungle of Minecraft. Yes, that is right. There is a new animal in Minecraft and it is in the form of a panda. The cute panda would definitely would make you want to breed so it could mingle and live together with the other animals that you take care of. Do not worry, we understand how exciting this could be for you which is why through this article we shall provide you some tips and guide on how you could make a panda live together with your animals by helping you tame the panda on Minecraft. 

Through this article, not only we shall provide you a guide on how to tame a panda on Minecraft but also we shall give you some information about these animals and everything you should know for you to be able to take care of these animals.

Preliminary Information

Panda is a very curious creature which was introduced in Minecraft from its version of 1.8, Bedrock Edition and its 1.14, Java Edition. The mentioned creatures could only be seen and found in the jungle biome near the bamboo. Though we could say where you could find the pandas, unfortunately, they are a bit difficult to find. You could find them individually and if luck, you would be able to spot them in pairs. 

Pandas are quite a bit of a passive type of animals. This means, you could be assured that they will not attack your Minecraft character when you get close to them. Though that is the case, they have different personalities. There are lazy pandas whom would not interact with you and there could be pandas that are aggressive who would defend themselves if someone or something attacks them. There are also some that are concerned who would avoid you and other hostile creatures and there are also those adorable lively ones who would roll on the ground. Lastly, there are weak ones who would sneeze constantly. To know which type of panda you have just encountered, you should check the expression of the panda’s face. 

Each panda that you will encounter has genes which would carry their own personality characteristics which has been mentioned above. Hence when you breed panda and when they mate, the predominant gene would be transmitted to the cub. Though that is the case, there is a possible that the characteristic could change and could definitely create a different personality. 

How to Train a Panda on Minecraft

If you wish to train a panda on Minecraft, it is a very unfortunate news to break to you that these creatures could not be ridden or tamed. However, the good news is they would still be able to happily follow you only if you would give them food. 

For you to be able to find these cute creatures, first, you will have to find a bamboo jungle. Be prepared as this type of biome is not as widespread as other types of jungles. This means, it would be a challenge for you to find one. A tip, though, bamboo jungles often could be seen alongside a desert or savannah. Hence, if you find these biomes, then there is a huge chance that you stumble upon a bamboo jungle. 

If you wish to facilitate this, all you could do is use the command /locate Jungle_Pyramid in the chat and it will allow you to find coordinates of the Temple in the Jungle which is the closest to your position. To do this, just use the command /teleport[coordinate]. This will send you to the jungle immediately. 

Once you have reached the jungle, ensure that you check the vegetation around you and if you spot bamboo canes, there is a huge chance that you will be able to find a panda. If you are lucky you could spot more than one pandas. 

We suggest that you pick up the bamboo using your bare hands and equip it in a quick slot. Once you have a bamboo in hand, you could now approach the panda. If the panda is not lazy, it will approach your avatar and it will wait for you to feed it. 

To feed it, you will have to interact with the panda through the use of the bamboo that you have picked up. You will see little hearts around the create which would mean that the panda is happy with you feeding it. It will then continue to follow you if you have enough supply of bamboo. 

If you find a pair of pandas, there is a possibility that they would be mating. If this is the case, you would need to ensure that there are about eight bamboo sticks that would block them around. For you to be able to get these pandas, the mentioned requisite must be first met and done. After, feed them and wait for a few moments. After this, you would find a panda cub alongside its parents.

How to Lead a Panda to the Refuge

When you lead a panda towards your refuge, there could be a lot of risk and danger that you could encounter along the way. But since you will not be able to ride nor put the panda on leash, the only solution could be is to attract the creature with a bamboo.

The journey will be very long as the jungle could be several thousands of blocks away from refuge. Hence we suggest that you transport the panda with a boat to your refuge. 

If the jungle is not connected to your refuge with a stream, then you could build channels but digging the ground with a single block of depth. Pour water inside it through the use of a bucket. Navigate the stream with your boat. Ensure that you build a small fence or shed for you to ensure that the pandas are secured and safe. 

Once all the things mentioned above are done, place the boat under the panda’s feet and it will be then be forced to go up. The boat does not need to be on the surface of the water to do this, it could also be on land. Though keep in mind that if you do the latter you will notice that the movement would be slower. 

Once you have done everything, you could now sail along the waterway that you have created and travel until you are able to reach your refuge. Once you have reached your destination, get off and break the boat with the use of your bare hands. If you do it with tools there is a huge possibility that you would hit the panda as well. With the bamboo in your hand, put it in front and up to its face. 

Do this actions with the other pandas as well and lead them to your refuge. Ensure that you have a bamboo inside the fence for your pandas. This way they could reproduce.  

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