iCarrier und iGeek Portable Battery Pack Bewertungen

High demands are gathered for New Trent’s iCarrier IMP120D and iGeek portable battery packs with a tremendous power, enough to recharge different types of smartphones and tablets regardless of the type and the brand it belongs.

Product Overview and Specifications 

With iCarrier’s capacity of 12,000mAh with a hefty span of 500 charge cycles, it is already enough to recharge smartphones and tablets. What is really interesting about this item is it has an unrivalled power and speed and at the same time, it is built to last.

This is also true to iGeek battery pack with 9900mAh capacity. This battery pack is able to support same types of devices, which iCarrier can do like the Android and the iPhone or iPad and any other devices that uses USB or micro-USB.

Aside from its impressive capacity to recharge, it is also affordable with a reasonable price of $70 and $60 fors iCarrier and iGeek battery packs respectively. That is why a lot of people are getting hooked with this device because of its portability that matches its highly efficient design. In terms of pricing, it does not cost that much.

Unrivaled Power and Speed 

As mentioned earlier, it can manage to have heavy amount of power needed to recharge smartphones and tablets with its impressive 12,000mAh power.

Built to Last 

Its study design is suited to last longer than any other leading external batteries or power banks out in the market. It is also fingerprint-resistant black matte finished that adds to its cool features of this device in general.

Highly Efficient Design 

Relative to the previous point, because it can manage hefty load of power for smartphone and table recharging, in details, it can support simultaneous charging since it has several ports for these devices. With around -2.1A and 1A- charge points with an assured high performance. Thus, it is best for dual charging.


 Unlike other brands, it is compatible to different types and brands of devices from Apple, Android, and Windows Smartphone’s and 5V Tablet, including Sony, Blackberry, Nokia, LG, Motorola, HTC, and more. To ensure optimized performance, for Apple devices, an original Lightning or 30-pin cables are needed and for the rest, a special converter cable should be compatible for this device.

Battery Specifications

With its input and out capacities of 5V @ 1.5A and 5V @ 1A respectively, it is already good enough for a battery for life for New Trent iCarrier for such small dimensions of 3.9 x 3.6 x 1.1 inches.

Advantages and Disadvantages 


Since both of New Trent iCarrier and iGeek portable battery packs are able to support different types of smartphones and other USB- and micro-USB supported devices, it does not limit every user to what kind of device he or she intends to recharge. 


Normally, for a highly-powered battery pack, it requires a lot of time to recharge. Plus, aside from the number of hours, every user should take note that this device is developed to ensure longer lasting battery life. So, this is not a primary source of every electric charging to any electronic devices other than the noted smartphone and tablets.

Final Verdict 

So far there are no downsides noted from this device aside from the specific cables required for each device except the fact that this device may require high number of hours for recharging to sustain the amount of power needed for charging.

Therefore, this product really assures everyone that they could have the highest satisfaction and high assurance that they will not get frustrated with the capacity of New Trent iCarrier and iGeek portable battery packs.

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