Leaked Window 10 images show the new Edge browser

A set of newly leaked screenshots of the upcoming Windows 10 operating system shows a glimpse of the Microsoft’s new Windows 10 browser called the Edge browser. The screenshots also shows some of the newly introduced features in the Edge browser including the option of saving website passwords inside the browser.

The screenshots, which are allegedly taken from a test release of the Windows 10, shows how far Windows 10 has come in improving the default browser behavior of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Internet Explorer has been the default Windows browsers for many years but it hadn’t adopted the latest techniques and features like the rest of the companies did including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera etc. But the latest screenshots prove that Microsoft has put in a lot of effort into making a new web browser that will completely replace Internet Explorer.

Talking about the new options introduced in the Edge browser; the browser can now save user’s website passwords like forum logins, email logins etc. And considering that the Edge browser will not support third-party extensions, this is a great feature to have. Apart from this, the browser will also have an InPrivate Browsing option, much like the Firefox’s private browsing or Chrome’s Icognito mode. This mode doesn’t store cookies, browsing history or login information in the browser.

This doesn’t mean that Microsoft will ditch the Internet Explorer. According to the company, IE will come with Windows 10 but the default browser will be the Edge browser. Microsoft still hasn’t confirmed any of these alleged points but considering that it is releasing periodic Windows 10 builds, there is a great chance that the users who have joined the Windows Insider program might get the Edge browser in the next official build.

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