LG V10 will not see a Canada release, company says

The LG V10 is both LG’s latest flagship and a chance for the Korean manufacturer to get something right in the mobile world for a change. The company has had yet another hard year, though LG has also had some share of victory with new smartphone subscribers: the company is known for winning over first-time buyers with its microSD card and removable battery, something that many once associated with LG’s Seoul rival, Samsung. Apart from that, however, LG has placed excellent cameras in its smartphones this year — but so have its rivals, which means that LG needs more than cameras and a leather back cover option for the G4 to impress. LG G4 numbers haven’t looked good since the flagship was released earlier this year, but LG had hoped to rekindle some magic with the V10. The latest news is sure to hurt the company’s bottom line even more than before, though, bringing more bad news to a company that needs some good fortune around holiday sales.

In a Facebook post, LG user Jason Schabler contacted LG Electronics on November 24th, five days ago, about the possibility of a V10 Canada release: “LG are you going to update the status of when the V10 is coming to Canada, before xmass or ? By not responding I assume you want people to look elsewhere for their cell phone fixes and needs. I know for one if the V10 does not come to Canada soon Samsung wants my business. Cheers J.”

LG responded to his Facebook post with a comment: “Hello Jason, Thanks for your excitement and interest in LG and our products! Unfortunately, there aren’t any plans to bring the V10 to Canada. We encourage you to check out some of other [sic] amazing phone, like our flagship LG G4. It boasts a highly-reviewed camera, quad-HD screen and offers an incredible visual experience. Thanks again, Anna, LG Canada Social Media Team.”

In other words, if you’re a Canada LG customer, don’t expect the V10. Ever.

Well, this news did not sit well with Jason, so he wrote back Friday, two days ago, with the following comment to his own post: “Purchased 3 new iPhones today sorry LG and no I don’t want a G4 when the rest of the world gets the V10,” a comment that got him 3 likes and 1 reply in return.

It’s hard to not agree with Jason’s logic. After all, the LG G4 does have a gorgeous screen and top camera but it lacks a fingerprint sensor, water and dust resistance, a Grade A military build, shock resistance, and a notification window (LG’s take on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge). Also, the LG G4 does offer back cover options but looks incomplete, tacky, and seems as though LG was indecisive about the smartphone when it released it. Last but not least, the LG G4 Snapdragon 808 processor isn’t terrible by any means but it doesn’t perform at the top-tier flagship expectation that G4 rivals the Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge Plus, Galaxy Note 5, and others do.

LG’s decision to not release the V10 may have something to do with slow sales in Korea and the US since its release a few weeks back. LG purposely released the V10 for Korea (its home country) and the US, where Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphone sales hold a duopoly over the competition.

So, Canada, you can’t get your hands on the V10 smartphone, but maybe the wallpapers will cheer you up — or not.


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