Unverzichtbare Apps für einen Besuch in Südkorea

Traveling is one of the most amazing activities one could experience. However, no matter how exciting and amazing it could be, it could also go down south and be very daunting if you cannot communicate or if you get lost alone. Fortunately, there are now apps that could assist you and accompany you in your journey to other countries.

South Korea is one of the most famous tourist destinations and though the most practical and most used site when traveling is Google, unfortunately, in South Korea, Google is a bit unreliable. Hence, we highly recommend you download apps that locals usually use for you to fully enjoy your trip and stay in the said country.

The following apps are the most useful travel apps that we highly recommend when traveling to South Korea:

1. KakaoTalk

KakaoTalk is the most popular messaging app in South Korea. Though this app, you will be able to communicate with other users through chat, text and call. In addition to that, this app allows its users to send photos, pictures and cute stickers as well. Moreover, if you are traveling with travel group tour, this app is very useful as it allows group chatting.

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2. NaverMap

Naver is the Google of South Korea and just like Google, Naver also has a very accurate navigating feature. This feature is an interactive map that allows you to download the maps you would need before you go offline. Hence, if you are out on the roads, you could still access their maps offline. In addition to that, you will also be able to save locations in Korean and will get to ask for help from any local.

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3. Subway Korea

When traveling, you would like to explore the country by getting to ride and experience their public transportation just like the locals and at the same time save money as well. To do this when traveling in Korea and to ensure that you will not experience any confusions, problems or worries, we highly recommend that you use Subway Korea.

Korea’s train or subway system could be quite confusing especially to tourists. Hence, having the app- Subway Korea is a must have. Through the said app, you will have access

to maps of subway routes and at the same time you will get to know train schedules as well. In addition to that, through the use of Subway Korea, you will be able to determine the quickest routes and even learn where you could get to the quickest transfers. This app could also work offline which you will find very convenient especially when you are traveling.

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4. Kakao Taxi

In case you would like to experience the comfort of the luxury of riding of taxis instead of trains or buses, or you have stayed out in the wee hours when trains and buses no longer operate, Kakao Taxi is your best bet.

Kakao Taxi is the cheapest ride hailing app that provides and has the ability to dispatch cabs within minutes of booking which you will find very convenient.

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5. Naver Dictionary and Translate

Being in a country where locals cannot speak and understand your language could be frustrating and worrisome. However, this should not fret you, as there is now a tool that could help you communicate with locals in case you need some help or assistance.

One of the tools you could use in South Korea is Naver. This site will be able to help you translate phrases and words based on context and situation. In addition to that, this app includes an audio translation which makes it easier for you to communicate with anyone in Korea.

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6. KKday

If you do not have any plans yet with your travel to South Korea, this app is the perfect app for you. Through this app, you will be able to get suggestions for tours and activities which will definitely fill your days with fun and excitement. Whether you are looking for something in advance or a spur of the moment activity, KKday will surely help you find things you could do and places you could explore that would and will suit your taste.

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