NVidia Unveils its First VR Game

NVidia, a top graphics card maker, has unveiled its first virtual reality game. The game named Funhouse is a collection of ten arcade-style mini carnival games, which ranges from a new take on Whack-a-Mole to popping confetti-filled balloons with swords, uses Vive’s motion controllers in creative ways.

There are a couple of mini-games for VR Vive including The lab that is particularly interesting but what makes funhouse standout, is the fact that NVidia has paid close attention to details. For instance, when you slam a mallet onto a table in front of you, the Vive Motion control buzzes, providing tactile feedback like you had actually hammered the surface in real life. Another interesting aspect is that objects and material behave in a very realistic manner. For instance, when you point your gun to the sky and press trigger, water droplets rain down.

The effects for this game were made possible thanks to NVidia’s VRWorks technology, alongside a slew of other PC game development tools. The unveiling of this game was done to showcase what is possible in virtual reality. The game maker has opted to open the source codes for these games so that developers can even better them. The company will be offering Funhouse as a free demo to developers this summer.

Games like funhouse provide a brief  experience on how high-end VR e.g. vive is different from the most affordable device e.g. Samsung Gear VR. Funhouse is available for free download from Steam.

Over the year’s NVidia has been developing demos in in-house games and this is the first product for those endeavors. Apart from Funhouse NVIDIA will be introducing a camera dubbed NVidia Ansel, which will allow gamers to capture stunning 360-degree imagery from within the games they play. It will be up to developers to incorporate Ansen into their titles.

Featured Image credit:techradar


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